Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

I was solo backpacking around Vietnam and ended up in Ha Long Bay. Normally people get on big cruise boats or booze cruises to see the majestic landscape. That’s not really my style so I talked to a few locals and my hostel owner and discovered a fisherman who said he would take me out on his little fishing boat for the day.

He spoke zero English and I speak zero Vietnamese. He brought me all over the bay and we didn’t see a single other person or boat the whole day. He brought me into dark glittery caves and rock climbing to the most beautiful views of my life. Since he couldn’t communicate with me, he simply held my hand to guide me around. Turns out smiling, laughing and something simple as hand holding is enough to communicate.


It was one of the most adventurous and fun filled days of my life and I’ll never forget my little fisherman as long as I live. I’ll equally never forget the sparkling water and insanely gorgeous views.

I love backpacking as much as I love triathlon and yoga. My spirit craves an adventurous life filled with memories like this day. I simply wonder where and when my backpack and I will venture off to next.


Stay Tuned for MORE details of this story and of my Solo Backpacking Adventure through Vietnam….It is a story about falling in love, finding bravery¬†and conviction in my own divine femininity and power, and lastly discovering TRUTH, FREEDOM and laughter.

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