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Last week I posed a question on Instagram about BACK TO SCHOOL for all the Moms out there! I asked for their Back to School advice and how Back to School made them feel. I asked them answer honestly (I would keep 100% confidential) and the answers came flowing in! I am SO thankful for you who answered and I LOVED this so much! The answers are from REAL MOMS like you and me. They are heartfelt and HONEST. They are DIVERSE. In the end, whether we love routine or hate routine I am SO damn proud of ALL OF US Moms out there. We LOVE the crap out of our kids and it shows. I truly believe it takes a village to raise children and sometimes that village is a cyber village of Moms that can rally FOR each other, empathize and just laugh because this Mom stuff is crazy hard to navigate! Enjoy the responses and add more in the comment section if you have any ADVICE or FEELINGS on Back to School. Keep it kind. We are in this TOGETHER and not against each other. Together is the only way we will bring up the next generation to LOVE, work hard, DREAM really freaking big and change the world!


  • Sunday put together the week of outfits together! Saves so much time and fighting! Pack lunches the night before saves so much time in the am for busy mamas!
  • I’m not a mom (yet) but I am a teacher and all I can say is we will do our very best to do everything for every kiddo. We know that we are in charge of the most important part of your lives! Please just buy the darn school supplies and turn in the silly forms! We will be able to get to know you a lot better after the first couple days of school! The first few days are a lot with a lot parents and a lot kids and we just want the kids to be comfortable and feel ready to learn!
  • Open communication with the teacher
  • Don’t  worry about what other parents think, were all a HOT MESS!! Learn to be flexible. I’m still working on this one. Have a schedule.
  • Be strong, excited and happy for young kiddos (kindergarteners, or older sometimes). It’s all in the marketing, and you want them to be feeling good for school.
  • The first week is usually miserable, emotional, busy, tired kids.  It just is. They’re adjusting to an early wake time, a long day of sitting instead of playing in the sun, and many more demands from them. But it gets better by week 2-3. Be patient and understanding. It’s hard on those little ones.
  • Advice…walking them to and from school, after school snack and looking at their folders.
  • No advice except to enjoy it.
  • Have clothes and breakfast and backpacks set out the night before! No morning scrambling!
  • Best advice is to get all your school supplies and shopping done in the last week of July and first week of August. Sales are so awesome. Also to not go cheap on school shoes. Pricier shoes last my kids the entire year… and it’s totally worth it.
  • Create a “meal plan” WITH your kids. Let them chose breakfast, lunch and help with dinner planning. Having a routine, especially with kids extracurriculars keeps life flowing. Plus if they help plan food, you know they will actually eat it!
  • It is a crazy adjustment for everyone. Be patient with yourself and your kids. Extra snuggles and love for everyone.



  • Sadness (my oldest if starting high school). Excitement/relief for my 8 year old, and worry/concern/hope for my baby girl heading off to kindergarten. She has a very rare metabolic disorder and is testing below age level. Snack time scares the fuck out of me!! But I’m hanging on to hope she will thrive this year!


  • I think of FREEDOM, mommy time!! Summer time with 4 kids and training is HARD!!! We’re all a HOT MESS but add summer time and I’m  one BIG hot mess!!! I feel that I’m a BETTER mom when my kids are in school. Don’t  get me wrong I love my kids
  • Oh I’ve got conflict here – relief at return to structure AND panic at loss of more relaxed pace
  • Back to school makes me sad because I don’t have my mornings to get my long training in anymore!  That’s basically what I think about. But I also think about having hours of nobody begging for food or making huge messes so my house will actually be clean!
  • This is my first year with school. I honestly have mixed emotions. I’m sad, I love her so much and most days love having her around, and she’s such a good helper. I know her brother is going to miss her. I’m also excited for her and this next chapter in her life. She is so smart, I am can’t wait to see the things she will accomplish in her lifetime!
  • I hated back to school because I loved playing and having my kids with me to just be together hanging out, living. I really do think schedules are a way of life and know that school is a definite priority for everyone’s future.  But there was something about being there with my kids that I will ALWAYS Cherish!!!
  • I love when my kids go back to school. My place is finally clean from 8-3, I can relax, nap and actually watch a show without two boys fighting. So I’ve gotten to the point that I love back to school.
  • I think, finally a routine again!!!!!
  • My daughter was cyber bullied last year. I worry about what another year will bring. Being a teenage girl in high school has demands we never saw growing up ourselves.
  • I dread back to school. I don’t like route and schedules and just want life to be fun. I love having my girls home or at work with me. I love late nights with them and not having to make them go to bed. And it’s been this way since they were tiny, not just because they’re older. They always stayed up super late before they had to start kindergarten. We just love to be free spirits and routines squash that . However, since it has to happen, i love buying back to school supplies, clothes, meeting the new teachers, taking them and picking thwm up from school the first day and all the excitement.
  • Back to school … means …. hallelujah!
  • My 7 year old has severe food allergies and I worry about snack and lunch time every day. So I like that he gets to go to school but it feels like a loss of control for me being able to protect him at the same time. And other parents usually are considerate but sometimes I feel like I am on an island by myself with how little support kids with allergies have.
  • I LOATHE routine! It makes me anxious after a summer of freedom!
  • Back to school day always makes me sad!! I miss my kids so much the first days. House seems empty, back to routine
  • Everyone makes fun of me because every back to school, I get depressed lol. I just love having my kids home and being able to do stuff with them
  • I love back to school. It’s my favorite time of the year. Legit.
  • Back to school! Yippee! More time for me!! But I will miss them a tad…..
  • First thing that comes to my mind is WOOOOHOOO!! I love structure and I’m a SAHM and my kids drive me nuts after about 3 weeks into summer. So back to school for me is a freaking party!!!

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