Friday Favorites … My FAVORITE Workout Gear!

Here are my current FAVORITE Workout Items.


I have ZERO affiliation with ANY company except Rudy Project (Because their helmets have saved mine and my friends lives and their aviators are my jam) …. So this is 210% my own opinions and purchases unless stated otherwise. Maybe someday I will do sponsored posts and maybe I won’t but I will always be honest in giving my opinions to you guys. I do use the Amazon Affiliate links on here but they are for products I have purchased myself and mostly so you can get a better look at what I am taking about. The pictures will lead to the product if you want to read more. With products and companies, being transparent to you guys has always been a priority to me and it should be obvious by now. Here is my pledge to you guys:

I promise to never pitch you shit stuff to make a buck.


Now that that little disclaimer is out of the way …..

These are my current favorite “stuffs”

  1. NOLI YOGA Brand. Their stuff is on point this fall. I love the FIT of the leggings, they make your ass look great (we all know this is PRIORITY!), and they don’t ride down when I run or do yoga. Their bras have no padding so cute for yoga and cycling but just ehhhh for running.
  2. Lululemon Speed Shorts. These are the BEST running shorts in the world. No underwear needed and I just think they are the bomb dot com. Period. For indoor treadmill running this winter, grab yourself a pair. Too pricy? Watch their website under “we made too much”. If you don’t have to have them NOW then you can always find them for cheaper on there. They aren’t any more expensive than any other brand at that point. While I am on the subject of Lululemon … Their running skirts are the BEST as well. They just hold up SO well for me. I have them from 4-5 years ago that still look brand new. THAT is some good quality shit!Processed with Snapseed.
  3. Shoes. Ohhhhh shoes. The number one question I get asked. My answer GO GET CHECKED AT A LOCAL RUNNING STORE. Not a big box one that will shove 75$ insoles down your throat because you suck at running (You DON’T and you MOST likely don’t need them) Go to a local running store. I feel like they are ALWAYS more genuine and know their shit. Having said that here is my honest journey with running shoes. I started in ASICS Kayano and loved them initially. I knew NO different and they did the job.

When I entered the Tri world I moved into Newtons and loved them because they felt SO lightweight compared to the ASICS.

THEN Adidas reached out to me at the end of 2015 and I decided to give them a try and used their Pure Boost for a time period. I felt like they were a good mix of the lightweight of the Newtons and the support of the ASICS.

When my Adidas were used up, honestly the story goes … I liked them enough but I am not brand loyal enough to Adidas to buy my own pair. Yes, they gave me a few pairs to use and try but when it was time to get a new pair I decided to part ways with the shoe. So that left me thinking where do I go now. And then I discovered Hokas. ZERO affiliation with them but see a TON of friends who work with them and love them so I decided to buy myself a pair and that is where the story ends my friends. I think I have found a new home with HOKAS and love them. I feel SO much more support than I have since I wore ASICS and yet they are as light weight as my Newtons were. So for here and now, I wear HOKAS.

4. Trucker Hats. I sweat like a nasty man. Truth. So I have to have something to soak it up or else my eyes burn with sweat. I am so glamorous right? Haha! I used to wear a Lululemon headband and still do sometimes. I had to use a certain one from there because it was the ONLY headband that didn’t give me a headache.  See I also have a big head. Like legit my head is large (I like to think it is because I have such an awesome brain) Haha … But in reality it makes headbands hurt like a MoFo. So there is one type from Lulu that I used until I fell in love with the Trucker Hats. It did take some getting used to, to be honest. I thought I was going to overheat and die the first few times (I am never dramatic right?) BUT now I love it! It keeps the sun off my face (bonus = less wrinkles in the years to come!) and soaks up my nasty ass sweat. I love a certain style of hat that you always see me in so I actually had a few made with logos that I liked. I used this company OTTO CAPS to have them made but just find one you like and I promise the trucker will change your life.


5. These are my Cycling shoes. I have worn them for two years now and plan on wearing them next season as well. Cycling shoes are pricy but if you take care of them I honestly don’t see the point in needing more than one. At least for ME … One pair has worked great!

6. Rudy Project. Yup, I work with these guys and get a discount on their products. BUT I was using their helmets and sunglasses before I was. I race in aviators and I love theirs! I love their helmets. Stylish but SAFE. One you have a hard fall (or two) and feel your head whack the ground you become a little attached to the company whose helmet just saved your brains. I would continue with these guys even if I didn’t work with them. I love the company and think the people there are top notch. A brand and company I am loyal to. If you would like a discount code email me and I will give you one. I will only leave that offer up for the next 48 hours!


7. Socks….I am blessed that I don’t blister and lose toenails so I don’t have any preference on socks. For compression, my friends are split between Zensah and Pro Compression. I have no preference or loyalty to either. So others can chime in here! Although, I guess if you MADE me choose I would choose Pro Compression because I think they have cuter options and YES … I give zero fucks admitting that style matters to me when I race. HAHA!

8. HERE is a BLOG POST about 6 other Running Products that I can’t live without!!!

9. CycleOps for my bike trainer. I love the brand and the people behind them. If you can’t tell, I am a BIG fan of loyalty … aka companies that treat their clients and me right since most companies just want to use you for marketing these days. I bought the most basic CycleOps trainer when I first started and used it for a long time with my bike. They reached out to me after seeing my Instagram Posts and we exchanged some work for product and they upgraded my trainer. I REALLY like the people that I have worked with at this company. Maybe I should reach out to them and see if they will let me do a giveaway???? Hmmmmmm…..Thoughts? I also LOVE that they are a local company up in Madison, Wisconsin!


10. Sports Bras … I live in sports bras if you haven’t noticed. I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes in general (I belong in a HOT weather climate) and just feel more comfortable working out in less. I love love love my Lululemon sports bras. Once again, look for them on the “we made too much” and you can find rocking deals! They just HOLD UP which is SO important to me. I would rather buy one more expensive bra than 2 shit ones. For the larger boobies the Ta Ta Tamer is fantastic and for the smaller boobies you can pretty much wear any of them but the Free to Be I think is the cutest. I hear Victoria Secret has amazing bras as well and you can usually get these on sale for half off! Which brings them to around 15-18 bones and that is the price you would pay at Walmart! Watch for sales girls!!!! I also love all the yoga brand sports bras. They definitely aren’t as supportive but they are super cute and they usually aren’t lined so your nipples will show and if that sort of thing bugs you I would steer clear. Haha!



I think that may cover it … Leave me a comment and let me know some of YOUR favorites! I love learning from YOU guys! Or chime in on thoughts on any of the products list above! OR if you want to know any other specifics from me, ask away!



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