Forgiveness will set you FREE …

I love learning.

Not necessarily about the science and math of the world but I love learning about PEOPLE.

I love to read memoirs from supermodels to war heroes. I have learned from this that EVERYone has a story to tell and not only that, it NEEDS to be told to the world. The reasoning … We ALL have something to teach. Something incredibly unique about us that only WE can teach. We are all teachers. Only a few ever open their heart and mouths to actually teach.

I love to learn from older people on the greatest lessons they have learned through their life. Two of the greatest teachers of my life are simply a man and a woman in their 80’s. The woman played a major role in my 20’s and the man is currently playing a major role in my 30’s.

I love to learn about the phycology and nature of human interactions and LOVE.

I think most importantly I love to soak in the wisdom and secrets of LIFE that we all have a unique perspective on.


Two of my favorite teachers are Louis Zamperini and Maya Angelou. I have many but these two I have studied their lives and they have helped me shape mine.

What I find fascinating is that when all is said and done…

After EVERYthing each of them writes and shares … And they have enchanting stories of resilience and POWER to share …

It boils down to this.

Both in their final years of long lives…

Maya Angelou was asked what is the best advice you have even been given and when Louis Zamperini finished his enchanting book, Unbroken … This is what they answered and talked about.


It is that simple.


A concept we try to teach our toddlers and yet rarely have the power to act on ourselves.



I’ve studied both their lives and this topic. I have LIVED this topic and here are my thoughts.

  1. Forgiveness is the key to set you FREE.
  2. Forgiveness says, I am taking back my power and choosing to release a burden so I can walk more upright and light.
  3. Forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves in the entire world. It provides a world free from hatred in the most special place … our hearts … our core … our spirit.
  4. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you alway get an apology first. Many times you will not. It isn’t our job to force an apology but it is our privilege to forgive. Forgiving without an apology perhaps shows the greatest act of courage in the world. Learn to forgive while accepting the apology you never got.
  5. This is the most important one … Forgiveness does NOT mean you are OK with the actions. It doesn’t mean you condone what has happened. What it does mean is saying … I FORGIVE YOU … I am done with you. Go away. Don’t harm anyone else but go away because I have to protect myself. I forgive but I do not want to invite you to sit at my table. Forgiveness can simply mean … I am done … You have NO power here anymore … Begone.
  6. Forgiveness opens space within. When you forgive, you release hate, anger, sadness and the feelings of “unfairness”. Which are all VALID emotions. The only concern is that when you DWELL on these emotions for too long, they begin to control you. And your life. And your actions. And your relationships and interactions with others. It may not be apparent now but little by little these will grow and harden your heart and spirit. When released, forgiveness opens the space for the light of God, LOVE or yourself and from the ones you love and all the magic of the Universe to come rushing in.
  7. Forgiveness really does mean forget. You may always recall the actions. You may always remember what happened. But with honest forgiveness you find in time you do begin to forget … Memories fade because you are able to fill yourself with love. There will be TRIGGERS. Hell yes there will be triggers and setbacks and nightmares and days and moments. ALWAYS. But the beauty of forgiveness is that you recognize them. Can feel your way through them. Name them. And release them. Pick up, say BEGONE once more and keep walking forward. Forgiveness gives you this power.
  8. Forgiveness isn’t easy. It is probably the HARDEST internal journey you will ever take. Your ego will fight you to the absolute death while your spirit longs to let go. It may take a day, months or years … But when you begin to embark on the journey of forgiveness you begin to take back YOUR power in that very moment.
  9. Forgiveness is teachable. So get out there and learn! Study the lives of the people who have learned this lesson. Go to therapy and learn the tools that can help you along the road. There is NOTHING wrong with therapy and admitting a situation is too big for you and you need a little help along the way. Meditate and go to yoga to learn to find stillness and peace. If God is your jam … talk to God. A lot. Forgiveness is an inner journey. NOBODY else can get you there although many can help guide you.

Learning to forgive will be without a doubt the most difficult and rewarding journey of your life. And let me tell you


You will have to relearn and revisit forgiveness MANY MANY times in life.

But I truly KNOW FOR SURE…

That the secret to the most peaceful and fulfilling life comes from the extraordinary power to forgive.

Yourself and Others.

The truth will set you free and forgiveness will fill you with more light and love than you can even comprehend.




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  1. Rachel says:

    I needed this. I’ve had something going on in my life for YEARS! I feel like I have forgiven. But, I don’t want those that hurt me (who are family) back in my life. I know that forgiveness is for me…not the people who hurt me. However, to be expected by others who are outsiders, to have the people that have hurt me back in my life….well, it’s been a struggle. I’ve been told, “I guess we just forgive more than you.” Do you know how hurtful that is? It has made me feel less of a human being. Really. So, when I read #5. it just brought tears to my eyes. You were telling me that it is okay to protect myself, move on, and not have those people in my life. Thank you!

    • YES! Forgiveness is really for YOU. It is ok to protect yourself. It is OK to forgive when cruel actions have been taken. It is ok to simply forgive and move on. It sets YOU free.

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