Finding Answers

My youngest got up to pee around 3:20 this morning and although he went straight back to sleep, I couldn’t fall back asleep so I’ve been up since. Don’t you love when that happens Moms?!?

I finally rolled out bed and made my coffee and went back upstairs to my Meditation Space. I’m wearing a beautiful new “Manifesting Mala”. I sat down with my stones and rocks from the various mountains and beaches I’ve collected them and then drew a couple cards from my favorite deck. I sat for a bit and then moved to my Meditation chair to cozy up in my fuzzy blankets.

And there I sat.

And decided it was time to have two heart to hearts…
One with God.
One with the Universe.

See I believe they are intertwined and yet I have very different dialogues with both. I am more “real” with God and when we speak the Universe doesn’t get to hear. I am a firm believer in manifesting and the law of attraction so I only put into the Universe positivity and magic and expect it back. But God gets to know when I’m sad, hurting and feeling despair yet also the joys of life. Anyways, if you’re still with me?I had two conversations today. And then I wrote. And then I meditated more. I was pleading to God and manifesting to the Universal energy. It’s funny, I was trying to be stubborn to get an answer and yet was in complete surrender.

My mind found stillness and peace somehow and I started fumbling around on my laptop. In a single magical moment, I had my answer. It was overwhelming. I don’t fully understand my answer yet but I do know my answer. I’ve been seeking this answer for months and years. I have NO clue what to do with it yet but I do know “it”.

I guess I wanted to write this to give hope. Answers come when we least expect them to. And sometimes we don’t even understand them when they do. But these answers are real and are the breadcrumbs we need, to follow the path to our greatest possible life. Wait for them. Find quiet moments to hear them. Believe you will receive them. They always come. Just in God/Universe’s time, not our own. Whatever you believe in or pray to, it doesn’t matter. You are loved and you ARE love. So believe, go within and you’ll find your truest answers.

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