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I don’t know what to write today. It is an odd feeling to not know WHAT to write about because the words are usually flowing out of my head and I can bust out 1-2000 words in a very short time and effortlessly. I keep a personal journal and have since I was a little girl. It has obviously been inconsistent but I can piece it all together to get a pretty accurate story of my life. My Grandfather used to journal. I remember watching him sitting at his computer for hours and hours typing and then saving them on the original floppy disks. He had them all organized and categorized. Sometimes he would write me letters and give them to me. All typed up. I have saved them and hold them sacred. I think I learned at a young age the sheer love of writing from his example. From watching him do what he loves. My little 8 year old eyes still have those images carved into them at 33. I have a really fascinating lineage of people who did the things that they love doing and I was soaking it all in even as a young child until today.


One of my Grandmas was always doing puzzles. She sewed. She was constantly baking. She made the most extraordinary crafts that are still displayed in my home. Easter always reminds me of her. I vividly remember dying eggs and having a hunt with her during this holiday season.

Easter Tradition Started with Betty

My other Grandma was THE best cook and baker in the land. She was always canning and baking. She loved bringing food to the people in the community. She had a knock out fashion sense until the day she passed away and what I will remember most is her encouraging me to travel to every distance and land that I possibly could image during my life.

Steph and Grandma Stephens

My Grandfather, the writer, was also a master in woodwork. He had a shop in his garage and was always making wooden toys and kick-knacks. He would give these to children at Christmas. He enjoyed spending hours in his garden growing everything from peas to blackberries to grapes. I would follow him around munching on the fruits of his labor and my mom did the same thing when she was a little girl.

My other Grandpa was an outdoorsman. He was a farmer. He ALWAYS had a project. If you know farmers they are THE hardest working humans on earth. Their work ethic is unparalleled. He was building, growing, driving tractors and genuinely always moving until his last breath. He served others more than anyone I know. He was always serving.

Steph Grandma and Grandpa

My father has always been an avid golfer. He is a chef as his mother was. He has always had a talent and passion for golf. And he is damn good. I used to line all his trophies up side by side and just feel so PROUD of him and his talent. He taught me at a young age to aspire for greatness.

Steph and Dad Thanksgiving Enchiladas

My mother has always had a love of fitness. Maybe that is where mine came from. I watched with little eyes her doing 80’s aerobics in the house on the TV and I would sometimes join in. She was a runner and always active. These images were planted early. She has her own fitness journey as we all do with ebbs and flows but I have always seen it in her and she sparked my love for being a “fit-mom” just by her example in our own home. She is building her fitness back up and I know VERY shortly will be running again and soon we will be racing half marathons together. Nobody believes in her as much as I do and visa vera.


It is amazing now that I am a mom thinking that my SMALL actions, my lifestyle, my activities and interests will be shaping my young boys minds. I wonder what they will remember when they look back at this time in their life when they are 33. I wonder how it will shape them.


This is what I know for sure…

Keep yourself interesting.

Get a hobby. Find a sport. Be active. Life is meant to be LIVED. I know…trust me I know parenthood is hard and it leaves little time for YOU. But by being YOU, you are shaping your children SO much more than you can realize. Let them SEE you doing what you LOVE to do. Anything! Literally ANYthing. Just do something. Have YOUR thing. Something you can do daily or if not daily than VERY often.

You will make more impressions in your children’s minds by living a fulfilled life and involving them…letting them watch you and see you…than you ever will by talking or saying I will do ABandC when they are older…No…the time is NOW. For you and for them.

Plus keeping yourself interesting spices up your love life whatever that looks like and your friendships. It gives you something to talk about and share. It gives you depth.

You will live a longer life the more consumed with LIVING life you become. I truly believe once you stop moving you start dying. This is why fitness is extremely important to me. Most people think life slows down around 65 – 70 and I say fuck that…I will just be speeding up! Keeping healthy and active NOW sets you in motion to LIVE that life.

Ok … Ok … This all sounds great in theory but HOW do you implement this into your life. How does this translate into YOUR daily chaotic and insane life!?!

Here is how.

Start small.


You may think … But I don’t have a passion. Ok that is fine. You don’t NEED a burning passion. I am sure there is something you enjoy though. That is where you start small. If you had one day. All day. Boundless energy and you knew you would have boundless energy the next day regardless of what you did. What would you do? (Please do not say lay around and watch Netflix or TV) There is a place for that but it should be such a TINY part of your life that it barely exists. Because there is SO much more to life than watching actors and other peoples lives on TV. Make YOUR own life!

What did you enjoy doing as child? What peaks your curiosity? What would you LIKE to do but don’t think you are talented enough, good enough, knowledgable enough or worthy enough to do? Or maybe you would just look like a dam fool doing it?


Do not think too hard and do NOT hold back. Just write them down. All of them. Anything no matter how ridiculous it may seem to you or anyone else. You don’t have to show ANYone else your list too btw so it is between you and the paper.

Now look at this list.

THAT is what you like to do. By imagining and listing you have already planted the seeds. That is all you need to do for now.

See I said start small. Make that list. Answer those questions. If you feel comfortable share them with your lover, partner, best friend or mom.

The beginning is for planting seeds. EVERYone has to start somewhere in creating the life they imagine.

You ARE interesting. You ARE fascinating. You HAVE talents. You HAVE desires.

Now let’s being manifesting them and BELIEVING we are WORTH living them.

The time really is NOW.


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  1. Julie says:

    Okay, this is the reminder that I seriously needed to get off the darn couch and stop watching so much TV. My mom is such a good example to me of having hobbies and living a creative life. She is an awesome baker, an AMAZING quilter, a runner, a yogi, an avid reader, and she’s learning to play ping pong and pickleball! I want to me more like her 🙂

  2. Marc says:

    My daughter emulates me in every way. It’s the best feeling a parent can get. I know she looks up to me and that rocks. Thanks for your writings they keep me up.

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