From Dengue Fever to a Full Marathon in 3 Months!

Here’s a little Throwback and Transformation Story for you.

This picture was last June. I had just contracted Dengue Fever in Bali and had an excruciating 36 hours flying home sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. I spent 90% of the flight laying in the airplane bathroom because I was too weak to stand.

When I got home my liver was failing and within 10 days I lost 15 pounds. I couldn’t hold food in my body for almost 3 weeks. Luckily I was able to be nursed back to health by my parents in Boise, ID and they took care of my babies while I laid and slept and occasionally hallucinated!

You can read more about my battle with Dengue Fever HERE.

6 weeks later I was “healthy” again but severely underweight, had lost ALL fitness and endurance, lost all my muscle and couldn’t run a single mile. Just two months previous I was in shape to do a Half Ironman and now I was starting at scratch again.

So every day what did I do? I persisted. I tenaciously persisted. I got myself up to a mile and then 3 miles. I ran slowly until my body kicked in and said, hey I remember what this feels like. I started lifting weights that were over half what I had 2 months previously. I built from scratch. I wanted to show up to the Amsterdam Marathon and FINISH for myself. To prove that in 3 months I could retrain my body with consistency and HARD work. My dream was that finish line!!!

And that is what I did. Because that’s what I do. I do hard things and conquer my dreams no matter how hard or long it takes.

And guess what? YOU can too!!!

It may be painfully slow and hurt but if you want it, you can have it! I still don’t know my time for that marathon and I don’t give one fuck what it is. Sometimes finish lines are symbolic of something larger than a number. They are the human spirit NEVER giving up. Persisting to reach those big scary dreams. Being tenacious as fuck. That’s what this particular finish line means to me. A transformation that showed me that I have within me the power to continually transform and come out stronger after the fire of adversity.

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