Day 9: My Current Favorite Running Songs

Question of the Day 

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9. Close your eyes and listen to a song that holds a lot of memories for you. Write about how it makes you feel.

Ohhhhhhh how I LOVE music. I listen to music ALL the time. I use it when I run every single time. I use it when I race except triathlons because it isn’t allowed. My boys and I listen to music in the car and I love finding out what they are interested in and like. I’ve always dreamed of learning to the play the guitar and even own one! I have taken a few lessons but the timing has never been right for me to commit to practicing as much as I would need to.

A lot of songs bring back memories for me but today I thought I would share my top 5 favorite songs I’m listening to right now!

Kenny Chesney – Noise

The country girl in me has always loved Kenny. This song has SO much truth to it, it is scary BUT it is a fun and upbeat song.


American Young – Be Here

Wow, this song gets me every.damn.time. It is SO beautiful and I love these guys! The romantic in me goes INSANE but this is one of my favorite songs to listen to at sunrise at the lake. They have another song I am in love with called American Dream.


Rachel Platten – Stand by You

Arguably my current favorite song! I sing it to myself. It is the words I would say to myself every single day. And I do. Call me nuts but I dedicate songs to ME and this one is my current song.


Kalie Shorr – Fight Like a Girl

Ummmm duh. This song kicks ass because us women are badass kicker assers! Every woman needs this song on their running playlist! It is up there with Fight Song!!!


Journey – Don’t Stop Believin

If you had to make me choose a favorite song, this would be it. I listen to it almost daily and always when I run. It is my theme song for life!


And while we are on the subject of favorites, THIS blanket is the freaking best in the whole wide world and it is back at Costco! They only come out in the fall and I usually stock up and buy 12 so then every month I have a new, fresh, fuzzy and soft blanket to cuddle up to. Yes, I am a blankie girl and LOVE anything soft and fuzzy to cuddle up in.


Favorite Book currently … LOVE WARRIOR is rocking my world! I am 1/3 of the way through!

Questions for YOU

  1. What is your current favorite song?
  2. Do you run with music?


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