Day 8: High School Romance and Wrong Turns

Day 8!



I ran 6 miles yesterday on the trails. It was STEAMING hot out and I think I was the sweatiest human alive when I was done. But it felt good to get outside to feel the sun and breath the fresh air. I slapped on my brightest and most favorite red lipstick and had some FUN. Red Lipstick has super powers you know? I may not be fast at the Amsterdam Marathon but you can bet your balls I will have lipstick on point for the millions of selfies and windmill pictures I will be taking!!!


The Daily Stuff

At soccer on Tuesday night there was a massive wreck outside the complex. At first I was seriously worried one of my friends who wasn’t texting me back … you know in like 5 minutes because this day and age we are slaves to our phone, haha! … had been in the crash. You see, I freak the fuck out like that because of my active imagination. I called baby daddy and asked if he could call the husband of my friend because I didn’t have his number just to be sure she was ok. He text him to see and we laughed that we hoped we wouldn’t be freaking him out too. I decided to go give ONE more look to see if I could find them at the complex and ran into the husband who was in the process of texting baby daddy back. We all laughed because I am crazy like that and immediately my mind goes to worse case scenario. I think that happened the moment my first child was born. Is it just a Mom thing and I am prone to a life of crazy imaginative worrying?


I got thinking later that night. As we were driving to the soccer complex, I took a complete wrong turn. I have drove there 4-5/nights per week for months now, it isn’t like I didn’t know where I was going. This wrong turn rerouted us really FAR out of the way. Like annoying. I am pretty sure I said shit, damn and hell in front of the kids because I was annoyed with myself. To which they giggle and then ask what is wrong. I responded I got us a bit lost as I was scurrying to get my google maps out because I don’t know the area beyond the soccer complex well. We drove about 8 minutes out of the way. It brought us in the back way from how we usually enter because I overshot with the wrong turn. It was immediately after we pulled in that the crash happened. A big SUV smashed a little car on the EXACT road we would have been driving. The EXACT location we would have and could have been had I not made the wrong turn.

Now I am not saying it would have or could have been us … But I am saying because of the wrong turn it was absolutely NOT us. Was it my negligence in taking a wrong turn or was the wrong turn inspired by God and our angels and the Universe and the Stars?

I guess we will never know for sure BUT being as I am crying as I type this I can’t help but feel my children and I were protected that day. My children have very sensitive hearts and it would have destroyed my oldest to see a smashed up car or car wreck. So who knows …

But what I do know is this. God is real. I know that. I am still in my infancy with my relationship with God. But I have a foundation that he is real. And I think between God and the magic of the Universe our wrong turn that day protected us in some aspect. And I am grateful. Because even if days are rough and or you are feeling low, moments like this can remind you that your life is precious and your life mission is not complete.

Wrong turns in life will happen. They may make you swear and annoyed. They may be so painful you can’t pick yourself up off the bathroom floor. They may make you so angry you become consumed with hatred.

That is ALL ok.

Feel the emotions of a wrong turn. Feel them deeply. And trust this:

Perspective lies on the other side. Perspective will happen when you are either rerouted back onto the path or rerouted to a new destination. It may take awhile but perspective WILL happen.

Just remember whether the wrong turn is a literal wrong turn, illness, setback, end of a relationship, ect … MAYBE … just MAYBE … you are being protected from something larger than your eye can behold.

Trust in the divinity of LIFE.


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post.

8. Write a letter to the first person you ever loved.

Having said the above … Dear High School lover,

If we are being romantic with this, you are the first boy I ever loved. And you were a massive wrong turn in my life. It doesn’t mean I didn’t love you, we didn’t have fun or I regret anything … No way. High School romance? I am glad I experienced it. I have nothing but love for every single person I have ever dated (or been married to! Ha!). High School romance is the greatest and worst romance ever because of the intensity and immaturity! Haha!

Thank you for being a wrong turn. Thank you for breaking my heart because I learned how to mend it like a mother fucker from an early age. You cheated on me. Over spring break you had sex with someone. We had only kissed and I didn’t even know what to think. We were off and on for a few months but of course I took you back and we stayed together for over a year. I had no sense of what that meant at the time or my incredible worth as a woman. And that is ok. You took my virginity later that year. It wasn’t a bad experience for me like some of my other friend’s “first” times. But it took me years to admit to having sex with you because of the religious shame I felt.

Thank you for being a wrong turn. We shared some intensely spiritual experiences together. I’ll never forget introducing you to the religion of my youth. I am sure it has shaped your life to this day. Although I don’t practice religion anymore, I am thankful I gave you a gift of spirituality in a form you understood.

Thank you for being a wrong turn but for the time in my life you were the exact turn I needed. There was laughing and fun and football and crazy adventures. Our last kiss was on January 5th 2000. Some dates just stay with you.

That is when I was rerouted back on track. You were a really great wrong turn and I hope your life is filled with love and light. Thank you for being the love of my youth. You are a part of my story and will be forever.

Love always,



Questions for YOU:

  1. Would you rather run in hot or cold?
  2. Food for Thought … What “wrong turn” in your life are you most grateful for?
  3. Did you have a High School Romance?
  4. Bonus Question … Anyone else reading the book LOVE WARRIOR that just came out! I picked it up yesterday and am already LOVING it!


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  1. Connie says:

    finished reading Love Warrior last night. Whoa. Such raw pain, real emotion and vulnerability. I’m still processing it all.

  2. Meggie Meyer says:

    Love all of your blog posts!

    1. Hot all day long!!
    2. This one I am truly going to have to ponder on…
    3. Yes! And he broke my heart too, to later beg for me back but he was always my best friend during high school even after and I don’t regret that relationship one bit even though there were some bad turns in it. He was also the first boy I ever loved.
    4. I am not reading this book! I will have to check it out!

  3. Eric Randall says:

    Love running in the cold; melt in the heat. Not sure on a wrong turn – haven’t dwelled on it. HS romance – my wife of 35+ years. I’m a lucky one.

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