Day 7: Missing Someone

Question of the Day 

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7. Write a letter to someone you miss right now.

I have the most severe writers block today. Actually I don’t, I just do for this blog. I have a bazillion thoughts on other projects I am working on but this particular post … I am not feeling it. But I made a commitment so here is my mind dump for the day.

I saw a quote yesterday

“Write what you know.” ~ Mark Twain

So here is what I know about missing someone.

It is horrible. There is a certain pain that accompanies missing someone that can’t be explained. It is in the core of your being. Your soul. Your heart. It can cripple the strongest human. It can bring you to your knees. Missing someone can consume you. It can drive you to addictions and the desire to numb yourself. Missing someone is pain. Pain sucks. Pain is hard. And rarely does anyone REALLY understand your intensity of missing someone.

Maybe they died.

Maybe they physically left.

Maybe they emotionally left.

Maybe they became ill.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

So many circumstances lead to missing someone.

Missing someone is pointless if they are alive because you should TELL them you miss them. We don’t though. Unless it is a loved one or friend. Our ego screams at us that we are the “weak one” if we say we miss someone who is no longer present in our life. Our egos are pretty fucked up, eh? Life is short and if you miss someone you should tell them. Period.

If you miss someone who has passed on, tell them. Talk to them. I believe they hear you. And it heals.

We need to be more free with our emotions. Showing emotion is a sign of strength. Especially the gentle ones.

Missing someone is a universal human emotion. Feel it. Embrace it. Let it in.

But then TELL them. Missing someone isn’t an emotion that needs to be internalized. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Tell them that you miss them. You may not get another chance. Life is short and fragile. So use your voice and your words as much as possible while you are alive and FEELING.

That is what I know about missing someone.


  1. Who do you miss? Don’t answer … Just TELL them!
  2. Because I want to lighten this up … What is your favorite breakfast cereal? Mine is Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
  3. I want to know the person who reads this, that is the furthest person from me … So, where are you guys from?!
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  1. Sarah says:

    I miss my kids and my husband when I work and I tell them everyday.
    My favorite breakfast is a french baguette with salted butter or homemade jam.
    As you can tell from my previous I live in France in Annecy (in the French Alps) and I am glad to discover Chicago through your pictures. Even if we are miles and miles apart and from a different culture too I have the impression to share with you like motherhood feelings and all the things that sport bring to us. That is what I love about social medias: you get know great persons and to understand that we are hunans sharing the same life journey with up and down,great moments or tough moments. So when you post late at night, just think that in the same time I will be reading your post while eating my baguette and getting ready to tackle a new day.

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