Day 6: Vegetarianism and Best Friends

Day 6!


I was going to run yesterday as a bit of a recovery run but said fuck it. Haha! I took a rest day yesterday. Unless you count folding 18 thousand loads of laundry as a workout which I think is very debatable. Ha!

I don’t follow a schedule or plan so I simply take rest days when I feel like my body needs rest. Simple enough. Sometimes I take 4 in a week and sometimes I go a couple weeks without a legit rest day. That is just how I roll. Fun. Fitness. Friends.

Daily Stuff

I have played around with vegetarianism and veganism a lot over the past 8 years and even more the past 3. I actually trained for my Ironman 99% vegetarian who occasionally ate bacon. Or maybe more pescatarian? I sometimes ate sushi. So yah, maybe that title. I HATE all the titles and the stigmas that go with them. People judge if you eat meat and people judge if you don’t eat meat. People judge what other people eat way to damn much and it is quite comical. Or how much they eat! For ME … I love meat. I am an Idaho girl. I was raised on meat and potatoes. HOWEVER, for ME  (once again…), I just don’t trust the meat industry. I have a REALLY hard time with the chemicals and shit in our food and especially meat. I really can’t stand the way animals are treated and it absolutely breaks my heart. A girl I grew up with recently did a trip to Yulin to expose the dog meat industry. It was fascinating and extremely difficult to watch. I have been watching videos and doing research for MANY years now and it never ceases to gross me the fuck out. Anyways, so that is my thought process in a very small nutshell…

I stopped buying meat in my home a while ago. I am debating to go “all out” vegetarian for 30 days, 6 months or a year. It honestly only effects me when I eat out but there are SO many options now days that it really does NOT affect me. Even my hard core meat loving father is accepting of me when I visit his house and claim I don’t want to eat meat. I honestly already live the lifestyle 97% it is just taking the plunge fully. And I am 99% sure I am going to do it. That being said, I don’t give a flying fuck what anybody else eats, especially while around me so eat what you want and I will eat what I want … Hahaha! Let’s all just be tolerant humans and worry more about spreading LOVE and peace in our homes and communities, which overflows into the world. I’ve never understood why meat raises so much controversy but let’s be the change and just stop worrying about others so much and worry about why we are so concerned with others instead.


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post. Play along with me!

6. Write a thank you letter to your best friend.

There is a song by Michael Mclean that has always been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. Here are a few of the lyrics:

And this friend seems to see all the great things you’ll be,
Even when some things you do would prove him wrong.
But he always believes that the real you he sees Is a champion he’s simply cheering on.
And the love that you feel from a friend that is real Is more powerful than anything on earth.
For it lifts and it grows and it strengthens and flows It’s what allows the soul to feel just what they’re worth.
So many lonely souls are calling and a brighter star would not be falling if only they had a friend a real friend. Everyone hopes to find one true friend who’s the kind,
They can count on for forever and a day.
Be that friend, be that kind that you prayed you might find
And you’ll always have a best friend, come what may

I’ve learned there are a lot of types of best friends. Most people will call their spouse or partner their best friend. If not, you are probably in the wrong relationship! Haha! This is exactly how it should be. Which also though, leaves very little room for a single woman to have a BEST friend. Instead I have learned that I have different friends for different needs in my life. Different friends for different phases in my life. Different friends I call on for different purposes. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a BEST of the BEST but … It does mean that each is best. When I was in Kona, Hawaii doing my Yoga Teacher Training, during one of our classes the teacher read this poem:

Each one is best
unique in uniquely each offers
something rare
no two pebbles leaves snowflakes
times places faces
the same
fresh too.

It has always stayed with me over these many years.

I have always been VERY blessed to be surrounded by great friends. From youth until now. I have had friends come and go like the seasons and with the changes of life. I have had falling outs and then falling back ins. I have learned the value of having a few friends that will have your back until the end. They are rare to find and precious when you do.

I am thankful for EACH.

Because each one is BEST.

And serves a unique purpose in both our lives.

In the end … The best friend I am most thankful for is myself. Because one thing I have learned and know for sure is that you have to be your own best friend. Your own biggest advocate. Your own unique person.



(Let’s interact guys! I would love to know who actually reads this and have fun getting to know you as we move through this month of blogging!)

  1. How many rest days do you take a week?
  2. What are your thoughts on Vegetarianism and Veganism?
  3. Who is YOUR best friend?
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  1. Lupe Fernandez says:

    I struggle to take a rest day but I try to rest two days a week. I too am a vegan on call lol I don’t drink milk but love cheese. I try not to eat meat because I too hate the hormones and antibiotics that they are filled with. I also just recently saw the documentary cowspiracy and now I’m worried about the water drought. I try not worry too much about sticking to a label but let’s just say I can’t walk by the meat section at the grocery store with out feeling nauseous. But on the other hand i smell bacon and I’m totally in 🙁 #thestruggleisreal

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