Day 5: Sunrise Running and Forgiveness

Day 5!




13 mile RUN!!! I woke up at 4:15 to hit the Lakefront path which is my favorite place in the entire world. Like truly. It is my FAVORITE. I always start my run before the sun comes up and a few miles in I get to pause and for the few minutes it takes for the sun to come up over the horizon of Lake Michigan, I pause and take it all in. It is like a renewal of LIFE for me each week when I watch this. My goal in life is to truly watch as many sunrises as I can.


The RUN portion was fantastic! I felt good even after the 6 miles yesterday! I had a lot of fun blasting music and taking pictures. I love running along the lake because I don’t have to carry any water because there are so many drinking fountains. I feel light and free!


Perhaps the BEST part of the morning after the sunrise was meeting two people.

The first is someone from Instagram but I connected with her personally through snapchat when I gave her and her fiancé some tips on Chicago when they were here awhile back. She was back in town with her daughter this weekend so we ran into each other on the path by Ohio Street Beach. I never know if I should jump into someone’s arms all sweaty and smelly or what! Hahaha! We were able to chat for a bit and I connected with her immediately because of her strength. She shared a bit of her story with me and immediately I knew how similar our stories were. It wasn’t a long chat but I loved being able to relate to her on a personal level and putting a human behind the social media connection. She inspired me with her story and I was thankful we crossed paths and know we will again.

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Then about 1/4 mile from the finish of my run, I ran into a guy that had sent me a picture one day over Instagram of the same sunrise I had been watching down at the lake and we had apparently just missed each other. He ran with me for a few minutes and told me his amazing goals for this weekend’s marathon he had been training for. What stood out to me about him was his ambition. He mentioned the sacrifices it takes to reach a dream. I said something like, you must be good if you are shooting for that time and his response was …. I work hard. Period. So profound but TRUE and WISE. I was deeply inspired by his resolve and now have a new running friend who is going to kick some ass this weekend!


You guys, I know social media can get a bad reputation. But I LOVE it. The connections with people I have been able to make have been life changing. I don’t say that dramatically but that is the honest to God truth. Life changing. You never know who you are going to meet when you wake up in the morning. Who is going to change your world. Who is going to play a role you can’t even imagine. Social media I believe just allows this to happen on a broader level. A worldwide level. And I am thankful for it.


The Daily Stuff


Day 2 of the soccer tournament so I rushed off from my run to the games. Spent most of the day here cheering on my big boy. It is absolutely incredible watching this guy find his passion and LIVE it. He loved the experience. Loves his team and loves soccer. I couldn’t be more proud of my guy and his ambition, team work and talents.


My smoothie of the day was DELICIOUS and a staple of mine. Although I added the hemp seeds for a punch of super food nutrition and I won’t make a smoothie again without them! Check out all the benefits of hemp seeds online and you will start adding them too!


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post. Play along with me!

5. Write a letter forgiving someone who deeply hurt you.

I have done this. I have obviously been hurt in life. You have too. Everyone who is a human being has been hurt in life by someone.

One of the greatest lesson’s of my life has been to learn the true meaning of forgiveness. And I am talking like the TRUE meaning not the bullshit “I forgive but not forget” meaning. That isn’t letting go. That isn’t freedom because you are still holding on.

The two teachers that taught me this are Maya Angelou and Louis Zamporini. By studying their lives and reading their writings I learned that

Forgiveness is freedom.

Forgiveness is peace.

Forgiveness is LOVE.

Without forgiveness relationships WILL fail. Friendships will falter. Nations will fall.

Forgiveness is the secret ingredient in life. And the only thing holding us back from changing the world and our own hearts is our ego. Our ego wants to hold on and say … No I am hurt. I am mad. I didn’t deserve this. I will stay mad and bitter forever because that will show you and teach you just how wrong you were.

But that isn’t how it works. When you hold on, it only poison’s your own soul. You will never find freedom and love if you hold onto your resentments.

Maya Angelou said:

“You can’t forgive without loving. And I don’t mean sentimentality. I don’t mean mush. I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, ‘I forgive. I’m finished with it.'”

Forgiveness doesn’t mean the action was wrong or that you want to invite the person to your home. It simply means … I am finished with it. Move on. Let go. It has no power any longer.

Write that letter to forgive someone. Tell them you forgive them.

Save your relationship by letting go of something that is hinder your progression in your partnership.

Forgiveness is the spirit. Resentment is the ego.

Let your ego go.

When you release the bitter you will find you have more capacity to love than you ever imagined. Be DONE with the person or situation that hurt you and allow love to creep in.

Anger will slowly kill you. Forgiveness will add LIFE back into your LIFE.

Forgiveness isn’t about another person. It is about YOU. And being strong enough to say, I am finished with this.

Be strong enough to forgive.

Be BRAVE enough to let go.

And then TRUST that your life will be filled a larger capacity of peace and love than you could ever imagine.

This is know for sure and can promise you.

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(Let’s interact guys! I would love to know who actually reads this and have fun getting to know you as we move through this month of blogging!)

  1. Why won’t you forgive? Food for thought … Like REALLY deep down why can’t you let go and forgive someone? What would it look like if you did?
  2. Did you have a long training session this weekend? What was it!
  3. Have you ever met someone from social media in real life?
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  1. Lindsay says:

    I’m in the spot of “how do I forgive?” right now. Hurtful words were thrown at me by someone who I care about–by someone who I KNOW cares so much for me, too. So how do you reconcile that? How do you tell yourself you’ll forgive and move on even when you know you’ll never get an apology? It’s hard. But you’re right, dropping the anger and the ego is how we can take control of the situation and move on. Loved this post 🙂 SO COOL you got to meet readers/social media friends on your run. That’s just one of the reasons I love this community.

    • That may be the hardest piece…accepting that you will never get an apology. I think when we realize the gift of forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person and it is something we do for ourselves, we find the peace and strength!

  2. You seriously hit it right on the head with social media. Individuals like you make me want to be a better person…a stronger woman…a woman who shoots for unthinkable goals… and to dream really freakin big.

    I thank you for this. <3

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