Day 4: Trails and Apologies

Day 4!



My oldest had soccer all day yesterday and today for a tournament. So between games I decided I could squeeze in a 6 mile Trail Run nearby. It was midday and the sun was HOT but it was SO beautiful out with everything in full bloom and all the flowers! I felt strong taking on the hills and was SO happy the entire run. I blast my music and sang loud and stopped to look at the flowers along the way. It was another one of those runs that you never want to end. I love running outside so take advantage of it whenever I possibly can. Especially when it can be on the trails!


The tournament was SO much fun too and I felt like I finally earned the title of SOCCER MOM! 2 games and he did SO GOOD and was very excited to be playing in his first real tournament. I saw the next 13 years of my life flash before me … hahaha! In the best kind of way possible! I love watching my boys learn and develop at what they love while having FUN!

IMG_7732 IMG_7777

I squeezed in this yummy smoothie yesterday too! I like to do a smoothie or homemade juice most every day as a snack and way to get tons of good vitamins and shit in me!


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post. Play along with me!

4. Write an apology to someone you deeply hurt.

Ugh. Honestly I’ve had such an amazing day that I didn’t want to do this question today. I had a few ideas but then looked at the rest of the questions and saw they fit later in the month better so I am going with my initial thoughts…I’ve left this as vague as possible with still being as authentic as possible because I respect the privacy of the other individual. Maybe I will fill in the blanks and send it?

Dear Human,

I’m sorry seems trite. I believe we have no control over what hurts another person. Sometimes things just hurt and we can chose to accept that, be humble and kind or let our ego drive and ruin something wonderful. I know for a fact actions I took, whether they directly affected you or not, hurt you deeply and in return hurt us deeply. That is the part I am sorry about. Because when the wedge got too big, the gulf became to far to reach your hand.

The hand that I have so many memories with. The hand that caught my tears and let me hold it when life became too much to bear for you. Your hands are one of your greatest gifts. And those hands and my hands had some of the most tender moments of my life. Intimate moments. Spiritual moments. Silly moments.

I think about you all the time. Though the gulf divides us, you are not a distant memory. How can you forget someone who was divinely led into your life? You can’t.

I know what hurt you initially. And from the bottom of my heart I promise I couldn’t help it. I truly was in a different dimension. One day you will read and know how much I longed for you.

I know what hurt you next. That, I could have been better. I believe everything is a two-way street but I know my street was a one way…and I didn’t know how to share the street. I should have. I should have been better. I know that. And I am sorry.

I can see clearly what happened looking back. I wonder about you. Your dreams now. Never doubt my great love for you. And I am sorry.

Love for always,



Questions: Answer one or all!

(Let’s interact guys! I would love to know who actually reads this and have fun getting to know you as we move through this month of blogging!)

  1. Do you RUN on trails or concrete?
  2. What is YOUR favorite smoothie combo!!!
  3. Do you owe someone an apology that you have hurt? Can we all learn together that being the bigger person isn’t shameful but a sign of strength and humility?
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