Day 2: Resolutions and Friendaversaries

Day 2!!


I am 44 days out from the Amsterdam Marathon. Want to hear the craziest thing my bestie and I talked about yesterday … It seems more daunting to run a stand alone marathon than do an Ironman! Hahaha! I don’t know why we both had that conclusion but for some reason it is true! Like during Ironman there was NO doubt I would finish the marathon portion but building up to Amsterdam I’m like, SHIT…Can I do this? Am I even physically capable of running 26.2 miles!?! Ha! Of course I am but I don’t know…It really HAS been two years since I ran a stand alone full marathon in Chicago 2014. Crazy to think!


Another random training was this. Yesterday I did a group weight/cardio burst (Tabata Class) with my two gym besties. I have been trying to do these twice a week and I have noticed a MASSIVE difference. Anyways, so after an hour workout sometimes my brain feels like “I didn’t do enough”. The reasoning behind this is that I have felt that way from time to time since Ironman Arizona. During Ironman an hour workout would usually be considered an easy day or “rest day”. In REAL life with REAL people, an hour workout is MORE than enough to live a completely and amazingly healthy lifestyle. But when you are trained for almost a year at the volume of Ironman that becomes your normal. I have had to catch myself and rewire my brain to say …


You just kicked your ass for an hour. You are STRONG and your workout is done! Period! You aren’t training to have your body go 140.6 miles at this time. So chill the fuck out!

Sincerely, Your Brain

Am I the only one who has ever felt that way after an Ironman training cycle?

The Daily Stuff

So the bestie I saw yesterday is Jay. He is racing Ironman Wisconsin next weekend and I can’t FREAKING wait to go cheer him on! We celebrated our 6 month friendaversary yesterday!!  We met on a RANDOM Friday night through a mutual friend at a Karaoke Bar in the middle of nowhere in Illinois and it was LUUUUUUV at first sight. We have literally been in touch daily since then sharing just about everything about our daily lives … I swear our messages are the most random stream of thoughts. Isn’t it crazy how you could wake up one morning not knowing someone and by the end of the day you’ve met someone that 6 months later you can’t even IMAGINE your life without?


Anyone watch Homeland? Last weekend when I was confined to my treadmill for 4 hours I started watching it and got myself HOOKED! I haven’t watched “a series” in a VERY long time but I am loving it! I am on the Season One Finale!!!

And did you see the new Bachelor??? Nick Viall!!! I am excited for next season! HaHa!


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post. Play along with me!

2. Write a list of ten resolutions you have for yourself right now.

Ahhhhh do you know hard it is to think of 10!!!!!!!! But…THAT is the purpose of this. To get my brain thinking and creating every day this month.

Here is my best shot!

  1. Become a published author. I will NOT stop until I reach this goal. You guys heard it first…I am resolved in this dream. And I am not afraid to share that resolve. I will manifest that shit all over the Universe.
  2. Do this writing challenge! Ha! And be honest, open and vulnerable during the month.
  3. Finish the Amsterdam Marathon and not feel like death doing it. I know it won’t be my fastest but Bob and I were talking and we decided a good goal would be to not feel like I was going to die for most of it. Kinda sarcastic…Kinda serious.
  4. Meditation Yes, you all know this is routine for me BUT that doesn’t mean routine is easy every day. It is a resolve every morning to wake up and set the tone for my day. To show up for myself, my spirit and my breath. It has changed my life and I am resolved in doing this every day of my life.
  5. Continue to acclimate my children into their new school routine and busy soccer schedules. I have been more in tune with their needs these past few weeks. Dropped everything when they want to talk to me about anything from their dream last night or walking down the hallway and seeing a friend at school. They NEED me to be all ears and have extra patience and tenderness right now. Everyone in my house is tired. We are adjusting to a new schedule. They get grumpy at times because they are tired. I do too. Trying to combat that with sleep, water, food and extra snuggles and love is what my resolve is. With soccer 6 days a week and sometimes 7 between the two of them it is going to be a busy fall. We are settling into our routine but it has taken extra patience and understanding on my end to lead my boys and teach them proper coping skills with the change, tiredness and new classes/new soccer teams/new season of life. IMG_7683 2
  6. Spend more time on my mat. I am trying to figure out how to get on my Yoga mat more. I am thinking of a 20 minute/day thingy … I DO yoga but not as often as I would like for my own personal home practice. It slipped to the side this past month and I want it back. I believe for me to be the best teacher I can be, it is VITAL that I am spending that time on the mat daily.
  7. Enjoy EVERYthing about this fall. Apple picking, pumpkin picking and carving, cornfield mazes, fall 5k races with my boys, going to the forests and watching the leaves change colors, ect….Even though we have a lot going on, I am resolved to enjoy the simple things with my children that make fall so wonderful and make those lasting memories. Those memories with my boys are everything to me.
  8. Be open to LOVE, magic and all the signs from the Universe and God. Live every day with a heart ready to receive the LOVE that day will bring. The more open to love we are, the more we will receive. And the more full of love we are, the more full our lives can be. And the more full our lives can be, the more we can reach others. The more we can reach others, the more we can change the world. Simply by being open to the possibilities.
  9. Drink more water. I know this is simple but to live your most HEALTHY life you must replenish your body. It has been on my mind daily for the past week as we enter a new season to flush my body with water and let it grow and flourish.
  10. BELIEVE. That today I will witness miracles and be exactly where I am supposed to be. The resolve to simply believe is a conscious one that needs reminding daily. That you will be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, under the right circumstances … To take that next step in your life, no matter how big or small it is.


Happy FRIDAY my friends!!!! TGIF



(Let’s interact guys! I would love to know who actually reads this and have fun getting to know you as we move through this month of blogging!)

  1. What is ONE resolution you have for yourself right now?
  2. Do you watch Homeland? If not, what TV series is your guilty pleasure or favorite?
  3. What is your favorite fall activity?
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  1. Eric Randall says:

    One resolution to be the best person I can be! And to get to Kona someday.
    I don’t watch homeland or a lot of TV.
    Favorite fall activity is being outside in nature in any form. Love the trees turning

    • You WILL get to Kona! I was just talking with Bob about Kona yesterday. I will get there too. When I am his age most likely but it is a long term goal to race the race that is so near and dear to Bob’s heart!

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