Day 19: Sunrises and a 17 Mile RUN

Day 19!

Marathon Training


You guessed it! Sunrise Run at the Lake! My legs felt surprisingly fresh after 12 miles on Saturday. I really focused on a deep “runner” yoga practice on Saturday afternoon and I also stretched during soccer which I know helped SO much. I knew I wanted 15-16 miles to top off the 12 from the previous day so off I went!


The sunrise was absolutely beautiful! I ran to a new spot to watch it and it was just me and the water out there. And about 25 fishermen!!! They were out in full force this weekend! I love seeing them out there as early as me because it shows it is something they are passionate about! You don’t just get up at the ass crack of dawn for something you don’t absolutely LOVE.


I ran out about 7.5 miles. It was CARA’s big 20 miler race as the last long run for everyone before the Chicago Marathon so the path was packed! I had a friend I was trying to find in the groups of people so kept my eyes peeled!


I headed back and weaved through some side areas just to get some fun views and shots. I ran almost all the way back and still hadn’t seen my friend so decided that I would turn around and run back! HaHa! Which is how I ended up around 17 miles and probably closer to 18 BUT 17 is my number so we will stick with that. I know the mile markers like the back of my hand at the lake so that is how I measure distance.


As I was running back all of the sudden a girl darted across the path to say hi. In the process we almost took out a biker! HA! Ok as a cyclist I understand the frustration BUT also as a cyclist … I don’t think there is any place for them after a certain time on the lake path … And I may get my head bit off for saying that but since I LOVE cycling I think I can say that. Us runner are too dodgey and sporadic and it is just an accident waiting to happen. I would NEVER ride (let’s just say, anything but a casual cruiser bike) along the path after like 7am!!!!


Anyways, she was one of my Snapchat Friends and we had just been messaging the day before but we hadn’t ever met. We chat for a bit and then started off running. It was about 1.75 miles away from where I started and she was just warming up for her long run. She was definitely a faster pace but I was hanging on good, especially after being out there all morning! I actually asked her the pace because it felt good and I hadn’t checked pace once this year. I was pretty shocked at where I was comfortable and decided even though I am not shooting for anything at Amsterdam that I could surprise myself. But who knows. I just want to see windmills and the beautiful countryside and city. I started to feel it the last mile but I also hadn’t prepared to be out there that long so didn’t have an extra gel and probably didn’t drink enough water. Note to self…always carry just one extra gel in case I get caught up running and go out for a few extra miles! HA! We parted ways and I headed down to the beach to cool off. Oh and I never did run into my friend but was happy to have made a new one!


It was another beautiful day in my city. I soaked in the sun for a few minutes and then headed to the soccer fields for Tournament Day 2.


My soccer boys are the best. I love being a soccer mom. Sure my weekends are a little hectic for the fall and I show up smelly and sweaty for almost every game, but I wouldn’t have this any other way. I love seeing them passionate about something and it is really fun to watch them play REAL games. They are really GOOD! Boys are SO much fun!

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Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post.

19. What is an item you own that holds an intense amount of sentimental value? Who gave it to you? What memories does it have attached to it?

I am not a “things” person. I have very few things that I actually care about. And the one that holds the most sentimental value is my baby blanket! My great-aunt gave it to me as a baby and it has just been the one that stuck. It has every single memory attached to it. That blanket travels with me everywhere and always has. I sleep with it every single night! I know I am a grown ass woman but I still like my blankie cuddled up next to me as I fall asleep! Maybe pathetic but hey … It’s my “thing” that I care about and besides a few trinkets here and there around the house that is about all the things I need. I could load up a backpack and walk away from my house to travel the world  indefinitely (well obviously not because of the kiddos) but you get the point.

Ohhhhh, I guess the other big thing would be my writing chair. It used to be my nursing chair. I spent endless hours in this chair nursing my babies in the middle of night and throughout the days. Someone once told me that investing in a good rocking chair would be worth it and I did. It isn’t anything crazy but it is comfy and I use it daily for writing and meditation. It is my favorite place in my whole home!


  1. What did you do for training this weekend?
  2. Do you still have your baby blanket?
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