Day 18: 12 Mile RUN and Choices …

Day 18!

It is my Mom’s BIRTHDAY today!!!!!!

My rock. My person. My unconditional love. My biggest supporter. My partner in life. 54 years YOUNG and the most amazing human I know. Can’t wait to see her in a few weeks!




I decided on back to back longer”ish” runs this weekend so 12 was in order on Saturday. As usual, I woke up at like 4am to get the run done at my lake path before soccer games started.

This run was a bit hard the first few miles. I couldn’t find my mojo and was struggling. Finally around mile 3 I set into my pace and breath and some good music came on. I ran on the beach at times which was amazing. I love running on the hard sand right where the water breaks. It was a mystical magical morning in Chicago with a lot of cloud coverage but it made for a less sunny run which was nice!


I saw this cute couple having a candlelit sunrise picnic. It would have been cuter if they were making out … buuuuut …. relationship goals all the way!


I ran to the end of Navy Pier and took about a million pictures. There were only runners out there so it was nice and calm!


I freaking LOVE my city!!!!!!! I hope all you running the Chicago Marathon are ready because the signs are officially up!!!!! I can’t wait to cheer on the course this year again!



I was massive soccer mama all day Saturday for the big boy’s tournament. I was sweaty and salty and smelly because I didn’t have a chance to shower but this little dude still cuddled with me! Ha!


I actually got cleaned up later that night and spent the night with the bestie. This girl is everything to me. And her husband rocks too. He takes care of us and I secretly think he loves hearing all the girly talk we do, HaHa!


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post.

18. If you were in a room with all of the people you once loved, and you were told to choose, whose arms would you end up in?

I’m assuming this means men … insert eye roll … because this seems like the best “drunk girls night out” question. So here is my answer:

None. I would just head right back out the door. Because why would I choose someone who never chose me?

I think Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy nailed it:


In the end, I have loved and lost and learned and loved harder. I finally realized one day after sobbing my eyes out endlessly on the floor after begging a man to choose me over another woman (he didn’t) … feeling like NOBODY would ever physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually choose ME and just me … simply me … That I needed to change my thinking.

Maybe it isn’t about having someone else choose you. Maybe it is about learning to wake up and choose YOURSELF everyday. In the end, you are the one that will be there for you … indefinitely. There are no risks or gambles about that. The whole world could leave you but you would still have yourself.

So choose YOU. Each day.

Be your own best friend. Your own constant companion. Talk kindly to yourself.

Know you’re worthy and beautiful and uniquely YOU.

Happy Sunday!

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