Day 17: 5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Question of the Day 

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17. Write a letter to your younger self.

Well … Just like THIS letter … I have done this MANY times.

And some I can’t share … YET. I hope and pray one day the opportunity will come that I will be able to share all of this and me and my story. Dream Big, right?

To my younger self I would give 5 pieces of wisdom though.

  1. Plan A won’t work out. And that is OK. Because plan B … C … D … E … are pretty fucking rad.
  2. Time heals all.
  3. You will love again. And it will be as beautiful as you could ever imagine. You are lovable.
  4. You are SO worth EVERYthing. One day … Shame, Guilt and Fear will no longer have a stronghold in your life.
  5. The answer always comes.



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