Day 16: The “one who got away” Myth

Day 16!

Marathon Training

One month out from the Amsterdam Marathon!!!!! I can’t believe it is almost here! My training hasn’t been perfect but it has been consistent. I have a few more big weeks of long runs left and then I guess I will taper at some point, Ha! I haven’t followed a training program really. Just been logging miles and enjoying the journey. I have no doubt I can cross the finish line so I am just having FUN with running right now.


I did a Hot Yoga Sculpt class yesterday and it was brutal! There is a new teacher and she is HARD! But I love incorporating the strength work and yoga into my weekly routine!


I announced yesterday that I was doing Ironman Wisconsin next year on my 35th Birthday! YAY! I’ll write more on that later but being up there and seeing the energy and excitement I knew I had to do it. I am strategizing now how I want next year to look but I have a few ideas of how training is going to go. We shall see how everything plays out …. But for now, I am just soaking in the fact that I will be tackling 140.6 again next year!


In other news … My 5 year old learned to ride without training wheels!!!! I couldn’t believe it watching him. He seemed so grown up to me! It is crazy to me still that I have little boys and not babies or toddlers anymore. It was such a wonderful phase of life but that chapter is closed and I couldn’t be more excited to keep growing with my little soccer star studs.


Question of the Day 

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16. Write a letter to the one that got away.


Ehhhh this term makes me laugh … I am the most nauseating, over the top romantic BUT I don’t believe in the one who got away.

I am thankful for all the relationships I have had. I learned a TON from each person. But do I think any man has ever “got away” … Nahhhh … There are solid reasons why my relationships haven’t worked out. Usually there are always solid reasons why relationships don’t work out.

People are placed into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. People also leave our lives for a reason.

Nobody “gets away” unless they were supposed to.


There are no accidents. The two men I have dated or considered “boyfriends” since my divorce served great purposes and were good men. I am thankful for crossing paths.

Whenever anyone comes into our lives and we LEARN and GROW we need to be grateful for the time and purpose they served.

In the end … We always end up right where we are supposed to be. So have a little faith and don’t hold yourself back. Love harder. Be more open and vulnerable. And send love and gratitude to those who “got away” … Thank God they did every single day … Because they were simply stepping stones along the way to reach your ultimate destiny.

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