Day 15: Lessons from a 7-Year Old and 86-Year Old … And Books I Love!

Day 15 and half way through!!!!!!!



Yesterday was a 10 mile trail run. It was beautiful out!!! This run was intensely hard the first few miles for me. My body felt like lead and each step was difficult. The first few miles I took a ton of walking breaks. I actually almost turned around at mile 2 and called it a 4-miler instead. Then I remembered what Bob always says … When you feel like quitting just STOP. Stop for about 10 minutes and just sit. And breath. After that time is up, then decide if you REALLY want to quit or if you just needed to regroup. Most of the time you just needed to regroup and get your head back in the right place. So I ran/walked for about 10 minutes and even had myself a cry because I had felt the weight of a few decision heavy on my the past few weeks and I think it was literally weighing me down.


Just taking that little extra time to FEEL what my mind and spirit wanted me to feel, allowed my body to loosen up and let go. I felt lighter. So I started running again and I felt like I was flying.

I love that advice from Bob. I will always remember that because it really does WORK!


Lessons from a 7-Year Old…

Last night I pulled into Ty’s soccer practice and B was asleep in the back seat. I told Ty I would be there a bit later because I was going to let him rest for just a few minutes longer. I mentioned how none of the other parents really stay for practice anyways so it was going to be ok if I was there later. I always sit and watch him practice when I can because he really likes to have me there. So I do.

He looked at me and said, Well Mom, you don’t have to be like the other parents and not be there. I mean you wear lipstick during triathlons and you are the only one who does that!!!

I started laughing and was kind of shocked that he remembered some of those conversations that we had. I smiled and said, you are right Ty … I will be there in a few minutes when your brother wakes up and I don’t have to be like any of the other parents and I do wear lipstick during triathlons unlike most people!!!

He got out of the car and flashed me his beautiful 7-year old smile back and said, See Mom … Just be yourself!

Hahaha! I smiled back and said, absolutely my love. You too. Let’s just always be ourselves.IMG_2449

There are moments I feel like banging my head against a wall with these two rascals running circles around me. There are moments that I feel like I am failing (ok I feel this way at some point MOST days!!!!). There are moments I think they don’t hear anything I say.


They do. And this moment was an example that he is WATCHING my example. On the little things. And if he is watching the little things he must be watching the big things too. So I will keep on keeping on as their messy Mother … And try to be the best example of a woman that I can be to them.

Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post.

15. Write a list of the books that have changed your life. Write your favorite quotes or lessons from them down as well.

I recently did this type of post and you can find it HERE.

I am including a few more books now though.

I am such a book junkie. I love to read. I was that girl growing up sneaking with a flashlight reading until 2am. I would become so entranced into the world of the book I was reading I would plow through a book in a day. I have read SO many amazing books in my life. Like too many to count.

In my teens I loved the book series The Work and the Glory, The Kingdom and the Crown and The Children of the Promise. Both incredibly long series and are historical fiction. They are “mormon” books but I grew up Mormon and to this day have no bad feelings toward the religion. I feel like these books introduced me into the world of historical fiction and I devoured these LONG ass books from an early age.

I loved The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight series. For that matter I also read the 50 Shades series. Pretty much any books that were “popular” I have read.

Tuesday’s with Morrie and Oprah’s What I Know for Sure have stayed close to me.

The Alchemist, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Unbroken, All the Dan Brown books … LOVED them all!

I love more “self help” books such as The 5 Love Languages, The 4 Agreements, Martha Beck Books, The Power of Now and Brene Brown’s books.

I currently am loving the book LOVE WARRIOR and am trying to take my time reading it with my glass of red wine and some dark chocolate in the evenings.

I love all the R M Drake Poetry books! LOVE them.

So yeah … I am sure I am forgetting a bazillion other books but these are a few. If I had to choose one book. This is going to sound cliche. But the book Eat Pray Love has probably inspired me the most in my adult life. The timing in my life when the book fell into my hands was in the airport as I was leaving to go study yoga and meditation in an ashram. I had no clue that was a massive portion of the book. I refer back to a lot of the lessons in this book frequently. So yah, call me the cliche … but there is a reason for it. It’s universally relatable. And it is one of my favorites ever. And PS … PLEASE don’t judge the book by the movie! Hahaha!


What is YOUR favorite book?

What was your childhood favorite book?


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