Day 14: Who INSPIRES Me?

Monday Morning I was extremely tired. I had VERY little sleep and a lot of driving the past weekend. Between my birthday, early sunrise running, Soccer Mom life, a 1:50am wake up to get to Madison for the Ironman, the screaming and hot sun all day, ect, ect, ect …. No complaints. It was a wonderful weekend. One of the BEST. BUT I was TIRED!

I was supposed to be working on the set of Chicago Med on Monday and I was VERY thankful when they pushed my time back a bit. I was able to get caught up and actually shower for the first time since Saturday morning! Hahaha!

I was drinking my coffee and thinking, I am not going to go today. Yah I committed BUT I am exhausted and I really didn’t want to drive in, fight the crowds, ect, ect. I was in short, talking myself out of this even though I had been SO excited. Tiredness does that right?

And then …

I had a moment of quiet in my head and in that split second of a moment I felt the deepest impression of “You HAVE to go” … And that was that. I was going. If I have learned anything in my now 34 years of life, it is when your spirit or gut whisper something to you, you better damn well listen! So I cleaned up and headed out!


There was a lot of waiting while everyone was getting ready to shoot. More downtime than I expected for a TV set. I always imagined chaos and people running around everywhere like you see in the movies. But in reality it was SO relaxed and a TON of downtime for a few minutes of intense action. And then repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

As I was waiting in line I saw a woman in front of me with a Kona World Championship bag. Anyone who is a triathlete knows when you see this you start to think “This person is my new best friend!!! I MUST talk to them!”

Anyways, I didn’t because I was trying to respond to emails on my phone instead. Then I went and sat on the floor. I was the only one in the room sitting on the floor because everyone else was at tables but I like the floor. It’s the yogi in me I think. Ha! Then this woman with the Kona bag randomly walked up and I looked up. She seemed to be looking for something so I smiled. She was looking for an outlet for her phone but there were none near me. So before she could escape I said,

Hey, when did you go to Kona???

I was expecting a single year but she started rattling off multiple years! I just said WOW. And then because it is totally the appropriate thing to do to a woman I asked how old she was. Maybe this is more appropriate in the Triathlon world but who knows … I just spit words out sometimes and don’t think, ha!

She answered that she would be 70 this weekend. WOW. She looked maybe 50 first off and second just WOW. And she mentioned she was going to Kona again in 2 weeks! THIS is badassery on a whole new level!


Of course I mentioned Bob Scott, my Ironman bff who is 86. She knew him. Everyone local does.

We got chatting a bit more and she asked me if she knew me. She said she recognized me and asked if I did stuff with lipstick? If I was a single mom? Ect. Of course I answered YES to the lipstick!!!! I had wrote a whole blog post about it HERE.

She said she had seen my blog before and knew the “runtrimom” name.

We made the connection that she had seen me and my son cheering at Steelhead at the swim exit in August. Then I looked her up on Facebook and we made even more of a connection when I saw she was on the Big Sexy Tri Team.

I scream SO loud for them at all the races because I love to yell “Go big sexy” out on the course! HAHA! So we had a TON of mutual friends.

We spent the rest of the day together. Talking about everything from how we both got into triathlon, her grown children and grandchildren, my boys and ran in between during the filming.

I knew immediately when I met Bobbe that she was the reason I was supposed to go. That my time was changed. (So was hers) We connected with a few other runners as well and formed the “Extra Running Club” and just had blast on set!


You meet friends in the most unlikely places. At the most unlikely times. Through the most unlikely ways.

I was incredibly lucky to have met her and spent the day with someone so beautiful and wonderful. I learn so much from being around age-wise older athletes but they are more young in body, mind and spirit than most people my age. I was incredibly inspired. That WILL be me one day. I have zero doubt. I want to be doing this until I am 103 years old. I never want to lose my spunk and zest for the sport. I never want to lose my passion.

I picked her brain a lot that day and learned so much. I made a new friend.

Life is for Living and Life is for connections. I can’t be thankful enough the stars and universe aligned this day to bring us together.

My question for the day was to write a letter to someone who inspires you. Well, Bobbe. You inspire me. And I am thankful I crossed your path for a day. I hope we can run together sometime soon after you go kick ass in Kona!


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post.

14. Write a letter to someone who inspires you.

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