Day 13: When you learn … TEACH

This week has been such a crazy week! Between Ironman on Sunday and working on the set of Chicago Med yesterday as a runner, I am just beat! Today I had very early meetings I had to drag my boys too and then all afternoon doctor appointments for the kids followed by double soccer practices for the boys and a shitton of driving around!!!

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I want to write about Ironman and what happened and who I met on the set yesterday but for now I need some sleep. So tomorrow morning I should be back to my usual scheduled time of early blogging.


My training has taken a backseat the past two days too. Monday my body hurt so much from spectating (that shit … done right … is HARD work!!!!), no sleep and a combo of the coffee/vodka …Just keeping shit real with you guys! Haha! ….  I had while we cheered everyone on all day in the sun! Anyways, today I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes of a yoga practice followed by 30 minutes of lower body strength training and core training. Tomorrow I will be back running! My body definitely needed a few days off though! Haha! Balance in all things right?

Anyone else obsessed with Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups!!! I needed a treat to make it through the day! Hahaha!


Question of the Day 

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13. Write a letter to the teacher that most changed your life.

To be honest, I have already done this. And for this time and space I can’t really share this because I am working on getting this “letter” or chapter published so can’t have it here. I have one teacher that I can say CHANGED my life. Just one. I don’t have an iconic teacher from my childhood or youth. Nope. My greatest teacher came to me much later in life. And she changed my world. And I hope one day I can share the story of how.


What I can say is this on another tangent …

Maya Angelou said:

“When you learn, TEACH … When you get, give.”

This has always stuck with me.

What have we learned? We all have learned something. That is why I think humans are so interesting. We all have learned. And know. And if we were all brave enough to open our mouths and share our stories we would all be able to learn from each other. We could teach what we learned. We could teach what we know. And you have NO idea whose life you could change by simply being brave enough to teach.

You could learn something from every single person you meet and you should treat them this way. That is something I learned from my Parents. I learned because they taught me. Every life has value and no life has more value. Period. Kindness and humility in LIVING that will bring more love and light in your life than anything else. You would be amazed at the lessons you could learn by sitting down with someone and allowing them the space to share what they have learned. We should all do this more.

So what have you learned?

Are you ready to share it?

Most importantly … Are you BRAVE enough to share it?

Give it a try. Teach what you know. Send your truth into the world and let love in.



  1. Have you ever worked on a TV show or movie set?
  2. Have you ever spectated an Ironman?
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