Writing Challenge Day 1: 10 Things that make you really happy

DAY 1:  You can refer back to the 30 questions and original writing challenge post HERE.


I love how this question emphasizes REALLY happy. Not just “happy”. So here I go…These 10 things make me REALLY REALLY HAPPY!

  1. My morning routine and the quiet that surrounds it. Sipping my coffee. Sitting in my favorite chair. Laptop on my lap. My meditation space. My manifesting cards. My oils. The darkness. No noise. Watching the world wake up as the sun starts to creep through my window. The tree I look out at. The birds that come to say good morning. The PEACE.
  2. A REALLY good pizza. Not like a good pizza but a REALLY good Pizza that is almost orgasmic! One of the best pizzas I have ever had was in Hanoi, Vietnam. OMG I was drooling. I ate it with me Danish and German friends I picked up along the way. I still think about that pizza.
  3. Traveling Solo. I feel like I find my spirit out “there”. I have a very grounded sense of home but “out there” is where I am free to wander and roam. Meet new people. Likeminded people. I love my backpack and talking to new friends and exploring cultures. I love sleeping on airport floors and trying new coffee shops. I love walking for hours endlessly. I love finding mountains to climb and sunrises to watch. I love being on my own and following the wonders of the Universe as they guide me day to day.
  4. Cuddling with my boys. This is rare but it fills my soul with happiness. I believe we are starved for human affection in our culture. I am one of them. Being a touchy person and having been single for years, I forget how much human touch lifts our mood and spirits. Being with my boys and feeling their hearts beat and touching their skin and feeling their breath makes me feel alive. I created that body within my own. And that is fucking beautiful. The connection between a mother and her baby never goes away.
  5. REALLY fucking good coffee. I used to be a Keurig girl until Europe spoiled me and I learned the ways of coffee. Now I grind my own beans and make an amazing cuppa every.damn.morning. because I love it so much. It takes 5 minutes but makes me the happiest girl on earth! I love getting good coffee. Probably one of the reasons I love Europe so much is because of the coffee shops and pastries. Take me to a coffee shop and I’ll spend hours just sipping and smiling.
  6. Triathlon and Running. I know that is a given but that shit makes me REALLY happy. Just yesterday on my run I got hit with the “runners high” and holy fucking amazing. I wanted to go forever. I never wanted to stop except to pick flowers. I truly love my sports. They make me smile and so happy. I never want to lose that sense of fun and love for swimming, biking and running.
  7. My people. My innermost circle. The deep and lasting relationships and bonds that I have built and the conversations we have. I love my people. They truly make me smile each and every day.
  8. The element of WONDER. Like I wonder what will happen today? I wonder who I will meet? I wonder what opportunities will come my way? Not knowing can be my biggest nemesis in moments but also my greatest happiness. I love living life in wonder and letting it surprise me a little. Some of the greatest moments of my life have been founded on this principle.
  9. Yoga and Meditation. My heart. My soul. My spirit. It is the reason I am happy. Plain and simple. The reason I am alive today.
  10. The ocean. The sunrises over the ocean. The sunsets over the ocean. The sun at the ocean. The beaches. The cliffs. The breeze. The lack of clothing. The water. The salt. The majesty. I am an ocean woman and one day I plan to live next to it.

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