Chicago Marathon Weekend


Wowza you guys! I am still riding the high from this last weekend. I just need to jump into recapping it to get all the goodness out there!

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Jess and I held a Yoga Workshop with the theme “Letting Go”. This truly had to be one of my all time favorite classes I have EVER taught. We gathered around a campfire and set up mats on a beautiful fall, October night. We were surrounded by trees and the sky was full of stars. It was perfect. Honestly perfect. I led the yoga practice, Jess led the meditation and we did a truly beautiful activity to “let go”. I will keep it a bit secret because we plan to do it again soon and maybe it will entice you to sign up! Haha! But there wasn’t a dry eye and it was a magical evening.


I left there to grab a friend I know from Instagram (I have met her once) at the airport and swoop her back to my house. She text me a bit stranded and runners just don’t let other runners stay stranded at the airport so since Katie promised to not judge my “soccer mom messy AF” car or house, we headed back to my house for a good old fashion girly sleepover talking until we fell asleep in my bed! So.Much.Fun.



We woke up way before the sun came up and headed to the lake to get our runs in and watch the sunrise. There we met up with my badass runner friend, Bryan to watch the most beautiful sunrise and take some fun pics while listening to music! Bryan was running the Chicago Marathon the following day, I have my marathon this weekend and Katie has her Ironman in two weekends so we played around since we were all at varying levels of tapering. After a bit, we headed out for our long runs and I got my last run in before the Amsterdam Marathon.

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Processed with Snapseed.

I decided on a whim to head to a “shake out run” to socialize for a few minutes since my soccer schedule got a little switched up. I met SO many cute runners there from Instagram!!!! I ditched out on the run and headed home because I had to get to my son’s soccer in the middle of nowhere Illinois and didn’t want to be late.


Watching my boys play soccer is truly my favorite. I LOVE it! I love watching their passion and success, as well as their learning. It is my happy place.

After soccer I drove back down to the city to meet up with my bestest friend, Stacy who was visiting from Arizona. We spent the whole evening catching up. There is nothing like laughing until all hours of the night with the bestest.



CHICAGO MARATHON!!!!!!! Running on not much sleep, we headed to mile 17 to cheer on everyone!!! The Chicago Marathon is SO special to me. I ran it in 2013 and had the most life changing weekend of my life. The race changed me. I’ll never forget it. In 2014, I ran it with my best friend, Liz. It was her first. And running most of it with her was the greatest time I’ve had at a marathon. Watching her succeed brings me more joy than anything of my own.


I loved meeting so many people and cheering for everyone out on the course. It fired me up and got me READY to go run my own marathon.

It all feels a little like a whirlwind and it really is BUT it was the best kind of whirlwind.


I am pretty sure I am running Chicago in 2017 again! I think it is time for a redemption race. It would be about a month after Ironman so we shall see. I will toss my name in for Chicago and New York once again and then see where the chips lie. Ironman is my focus next year but why not go big or go home, right?


I should probably go pack now….I haven’t even started and I leave tomorrow!!!! My next blog post will be in Amsterdam OR when I get home!!!!  I can’t wait to share it all with you! Another solo adventure is about to go down….Although I learned today that I have a whole slew of my friends from Scotland that will be there so there will be some massive fun times about to go down in Amsterdam!!!

Stay tuned….


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