Changing Your Mind is OK!

Changing your mind is the best way to find out if you still have one.

I am giving you permission

Right HERE

Right NOW

To change YOUR mind.


No explanations.


That is your POWER and right.

And if you needed a reminder that it is indeed OK to do so … there it was.


Now, let me explain my situation ….

I signed up for a Half Ironman about 7-8 months ago. You have to sign up THAT far in advance or most sell out. This race is in just over 2 weeks. I am trained. I have the endurance. I am ready!

I had a plan when I woke up yesterday morning and that was my race.

Sometimes the Universe and God throw us curveballs. For the GOOD!

I was with my Yoga partner for a meeting yesterday and we got talking. I honestly don’t know how the conversation came up but the end of the conversation was this:

I would love to have you co-host this Park City Retreat with me…It is your race weekend so I would never ask you.

That was it…in a nutshell.

I kind of just stared at her and went into a different frame of thinking mind. The “what ifs” started flowing through my mind. The race flowed through my mind but more importantly this opportunity flowed through my mind.

It was a transcendent experience as I feel like immediately my spirit and heart said HELL TO THE YES!!!!  Park City here we come! This is our DREAM we have been working so hard to create!

My head on the other hand started analyzing and as a woman…I am sure all you women can relate…We are masters at over-analyzing.

A VERY firm motto for my life is SAY YES.

To opportunities

To growth

To experiences


I am an ALL in kind of girl. I don’t dabble around. If something feels good in my soul I am just IN! I am this way in my sport, with my children, my dreams, friends, family and even in romantic relationships, I love fierce. When I love, I love. Loving and Saying YES is a strength of mine.

So…I told her by the end of the day I would have a decision made. Even though I already knew in my heart the decision.


I spent the day talking to a few people. I visited my very best friend who GETS what racing is to me. She reconfirmed what I already knew. I text with my Ironman twinsie who immediately said Chatty because well…it WOULD be an epic race, BUT then when I explained a bit more…reconfirmed and supported what I already knew. My mom…KNEW it in her heart too. My neighbors who are my tribe (I have the most wonderful neighborhood in the history of EVER!!!…They are an extension of family to me) reconfirmed.  I wrote my Sottish sister who I already knew her response and would receive it in the AM as it was night there. I didn’t NEED validation or opinions BUT what is life worth if you don’t have a tribe of badass humans who KNOW you and SUPPORT you. To mostly listen when you need to talk through something. I do feel very humble that I have this. Here in Chicago. My home. My home I created from the ground up. My tribe.

So I booked to go to Park City.

I felt immediate peace. I knew I had made the right decision.

Was it EASY to back out of a race and CHANGE MY MIND.

Yes and No.

No because I really LOVE racing. It is my hobby and a MASSIVE passion of mine. I freaking LOVE triathlon and running races! I swim bike or run most every single day! It is something I will do forever! I was looking forward to this particular race and had it as my “end of season” race because I am focusing on running this summer and fall.


YES…Oh the sweetness of YES.

The power to change your mind. It is POWER.

This can be as simple as having a lunch or dinner planned. You wake up feeling icky. You want to cancel. But you’re committed. Can you change your mind?

Sometimes in life a different opportunity comes along.

Something BETTER.

More exciting.

That fits within the dreams and reality of your life.


It is OK to change your mind and choose that! There is power in being able to recognize what is good for your soul and choosing that. And sometimes it is a choice between two really awesome things. And sometimes it is simply choosing YOU.

You don’t owe ANYone an explanation.

Repeat that.

You don’t owe ANYone an explantation.

Of your decisions or choices.

They are your own.

As long as you are not hurting another human and are being considerate, It is ok to change your mind. ESPECIALLY if the only person it effects is YOU. Don’t hurt people. Choose love. But also, own your right to CHOOSE and change your mind.

So there you have it.

I inadvertantly learned a powerful lesson yesterday. It was my mom who pointed it out to me. The power to choose and change my mind.

It is an empowering lesson. One I give you full permission to explore and act on!

You don’t owe an explanation and you don’t have to justify.


Have the AUDACITY to change your mind.

  1. Listen to your GUT. Your heart. TRUST it.
  2. Stand by your decision and don’t over-analyze
  3. Breath through the discomfort. The science behind this is a change and especially a sharp change messes with your frontal lobe. The excitement of the change sends hormones all over the place and you can’t process it fully in the beginning stages. Hence the uncertainty. But that screwy little frontal lobe WILL settle down. So just breath. (It helps having a psychologist  best friend to explain this stuff to you, haha!)
  4. Repeat as many times as necessary.


Be Empowered!



** There are a FEW spots left for this Park City Retreat as well. May 20-22. Two nights. All meals provided. The theme is “Letting Go”…We will take you on a journey of learning to LET GO through gentle yoga classes, guided meditations and art. There will be free time for hiking, exploring and reflection in the beautiful Park City Mountains. We will begin Friday evening and end Sunday after breakfast. This is going to be very special. Healing. Therapeutic. Teaching Wellness. In the most grand backdrop of the mountains.

For more information and pricing email me at:


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