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Mom Life: Mom’s Shouldn’t be Allowed to get SICK!

Does anyone remember the Sex and the City episode where Samantha get super sick and feels like the world is ending. Carrie even rushes to her aid and she still is hysterical and the strong, independent woman that she is suddenly gets forgotten and she turns into a blubbering woman? HA! I ALWAYS think of…


Mom Life: Whip It Out Moms!

I don’t have any specific posts in mind for today but wanted to sit and just BE with my writing and computer (and cup of coffee) so let’s see where this goes. So yesterday I read an article about Breastfeeding. No I am not having another baby BUT it popped into my feed and the…


MOM Life…I am Rooting for YOUR Rise!

I started a couple different posts today and didn’t finish either of them so I deleted them. My kids were up at 5:15am (Have I mentioned how much I think the time change ROCKS …. insert highest levels of Mommy sarcasm) and my morning routine got interrupted by morning kisses and hugs, a nice foot…


Mom Life: We are ALL in this TOGETHER

Do you ever have those moments of solace. I know how RARE they are when we have children but I seem to find them in the early mornings during my meditation practice, writing, sipping my perfectly made cappuccino and watching the sun begin to shine on the outside world from my favorite window. My favorite…


Thursday Rambling and Rantings … Baseball. Death. Bad Moms. Divorce. Rejection. Did I cover it all?

I have had ideas for most of my recent blog posts but haven’t done a mind dump post in a while. I woke so early this morning because I was fighting a cough. I admittedly haven’t followed the Cubs journey although I live in Chicago and they are “my team”…but I had to check first…


20 mile RUN to end Marathon Training and catching up

Phewwwww! What a weekend you guys! I think I needed a few days off to decompress and then when I wanted to write I had a little debacle with my phone! Since most of you probably follow me on other social media channels I will direct you there to see the full story …. Instagram…



Trail Running, Yoga for Kids, Book Chatter and the Moment I felt most ALIVE

Day 28!!!! Yesterday I got in a relaxed 5.5 mile trail run! It was a cooler day with nice fall weather. I enjoyed SO much just being out in the trees and on the dirt path. The trails have become my favorite place these days. They may not be technical or too crazy but they…