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Good Enough Mom Monday

GOOD ENOUGH MOM Monday Can this be a thing? Between us Moms. Women. Sisters. Wives. Daughters. Friends. Why? Let me tell you a little story… Recently I had a profound talk with someone. It truly impacted the course of my life. Through this discussion, I freaking FINALLY accepted that I was a GOOD ENOUGH MOM….


What did my Son teach me before bed last night?

Bedtime is the best and WORST part of motherhood. I love the snuggles and kisses before bed. I love telling my boys how much they mean to me and how much I love them. BUT sometimes if we have had a late night there is nothing more I want then for them to just GO…

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Keeping Focused Like A Mother Fucker

“I’ve had successes and rejections all along the way and I will continue to do so. Acceptances and rejections don’t define me. My job is to simply keep doing the work. Like — well, you know — a motherfucker.” –Cheryl Strayed ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I get asked all the time how I stay focused to do the…

Don’t forget about us Single Moms

The biggest struggle I hear from Single Moms is the isolation factor. We are suddenly in a tribe by ourselves. We used to do couple activities with friends and also as families with our kids. Everything has changed now. One thing we want everyone to realize is that We are STILL a family.  It may…


Mom Life: In our Family we Talk about Sadness

Last night I read something that crippled me with sadness. “I can’t fall apart” I kept saying to myself. I have two hungry boys to feed and get off to bed. So that was my mantra and just as us Mom’s do, I kept on going with a smile on my face, knowing I could…


Mom Life: Be the Fastest to..

This morning these little munchkins were telling me all about how FAST they were. I’m the fastest at math packets in my class. I’m the FASTEST runner in gym. I’m the fastest to read in school. I’m the fastest to the goal at soccer. While I know this is a little boy thing and they…


Some Valentines Day Thoughts I LOVE

This is from one of my favorite authors, Glennon Doyle Melton. Happy VALENTINES Day! REAL love is not pink and fluffy and rose-y and butterflies. Real love is not shiny and whole and smiling serenely. Real love is not holding hands while running through fields of sunflowers or gazing over chardonnay while wearing sexy dresses…