I Just Like To Write

It is OK for the glass to be half-empty sometimes

March 21, 2016

I don’t know where the last week has gone. It is a semi-blur as I look back. Last week was a very EMOTIONAL week to say the least. I was basically strapped on a roller coaster for seven days and BAM now here I am back at the beginning… My… Read more

Week Roundup: Passionate Living, Books and Fitness

May 13, 2016

I should have written¬†more here this week but I have been working on a few projects that have devoured my early AM blog writing time. I have two big and completely different ventures I am pursuing BUT do you ever feel like FINALLY everything is clicking. And you are in… Read more

No Words Today

April 21, 2016

I want to write so badly this morning and post something here. I just don’t have much in my heart besides heaviness at the moment. I read this yesterday… “People will say just about anything about you and to you when they feel fear. This fear comes from a place… Read more

The “D” word … I guess today we talk about Divorce

May 16, 2016

Back in the day when I was recently divorced and I was basically looking at my life like What the fuck do I do now… PS…If you are going through or are recently divorced I assure you that moment WILL come. And it is normal. And EVERYone feels that. And… Read more

A Beautiful Mess

March 8, 2016

I once used to blog. A lot. I had a family blog and blogged almost daily. When my marriage started crumbling I shut it down. I retreated. I needed to focus on family only. AND I was absolutely SICK of my life looking perfect from the outside…as most blogs and… Read more

Night Terrors.

July 12, 2016

I’m having a moment today. I’m admittedly tired so that doesn’t help the situation. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. My son turned 7 and we had an extraordinary day celebrating him. His smiles filled my soul and at the very end of the night … When his brother was in bed… Read more

It Could Have Been…Let’s Talk Regret…

March 14, 2016

REGRET. It is a powerful concept. One that can shatter you and break apart your spirit on a daily basis. One that haunts before death. One that sits next to us as a constant companion in older age. I went to Las Vegas this weekend for a Bachelorette Party. It… Read more

Time = Power

November 30, 2016

Sometimes less is more. So today I wanted to write LESS. Which as we all know is genuinely hard for me and anyone who knows me personally knows I talk as much as I write! A reoccurring thought yesterday and today is this… Time heals. Everything. And Time changes perspectives.… Read more

Offer a gift to the world that no one else can offer: Yourself

March 7, 2017

Sometimes I just need to write. Writing is a HUGE creative passion of mine. I once read you need 3 hobbies. One to keep you fit. One to keep you creative. One to make you money. Triathlon/Running are my “fit”. Writing is my “creative”. Yoga/Meditation/Reiki is my “money”. And although… Read more

Small Steps Back

January 24, 2017

I haven’t been on here for awhile and someone asked me the other day if I was ever going to blog again. Someone in REAL life who I had ZERO clue even knew I blogged. So I said YES. I am going to. Truth be told I get on here… Read more

2018 Begins…

January 12, 2018

It is time for a mind dump… I have been up since 5am this morning. First I was chatting with a dear friend about life and sometimes all you need for a little perspective is a quick chat with someone going through some really hard things in order to keep… Read more

What is below Rock Bottom ?

July 5, 2016

I have been active on social media for a few years now. It all started when my entire life collapsed. I was at THE rock bottom. It is funny because I will never forget THAT moment I hit rock bottom. Where I was laying. The way the tears taste. The… Read more


March 28, 2016

Is Hindsight REALLY 20/20 … OR Just a bitch? So I have this routine where I meditate every morning. Meditation can mean different things to most people and it has meant just quiet breathing, sitting for one “hippy yoga” song, singing a song, repeating mantra but as of late it… Read more

Do what you LOVE

March 25, 2016

I don’t know what to write today. It is an odd feeling to not know WHAT to write about because the words are usually flowing out of my head and I can bust out 1-2000 words in a very short time and effortlessly. I keep a personal journal and have… Read more

2016 in a whole fuckload of randomness…

December 22, 2016

Hi everyone! I have been a little MIA over the past month. Yesterday I sat down and wrote a blog post of all the reasons I was MIA over the past month and it got so personal I decided to copy and paste into my daily journal instead of pressing… Read more