Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K — Race Recap

More than 30,000 runners filled the streets of Chicago for the 35th anniversary Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K…including ME!!! 20140330-134842.jpgThis was the perfect race to kick off my 2014 race season! My ABSOLUTE favorite part was re-living the last .25 miles of the Chicago Marathon as we all crossed the finish line at the same location. It was SO sentimental to me as that marathon truly changed my life.  Such a well organized race and always a highlight of Chicago’s racing season. 20140330-134856.jpgThis year I ran the race with my bestie and her husband followed behind us! Haha! They picked me up and we all sipped our Starbies as we headed into the city, easily finding parking at Millennium Park. When we arrived I realized that in my hustle of trying to pick the perfect outfit and matching my lipstick to it (yes….judge away…I am a girl and these things ARE important! Haha!)…I left my bib sitting on the kitchen table!!!! Gahhhhh! So I rushed to the information tent and showed them a picture of my Instagram page where I had post my bib and asked for a replacement. They said they wouldn’t issue a new one but that if I can get into the coral I should be ok and show them the picture if I needed too.  Luckily it was a cooler day so everyone had a lot of layers and half the participants didn’t have bibs showing.  After messing around and taking pictures we headed to our coral and through a little diversion I snuck into my coral…NOW…I am NOT one to cheat or run bandit at a race…like at all! But I paid fair and square for this race and by hell I was running it…a girl shouldn’t be punished for an early morning airhead moment! Plus it is the first race of the season and I am not in my zone yet! Haha20140330-134907.jpgThis race was just a fun run for me. I have my 50k six days after so I went in knowing I wasn’t running full throttle. So we just laughed and chatted the whole way and admired the skyline and the city that we love so much. A beautiful course though downtown Chicago and it truly sparked the fire inside for this race season. And since this winter in Chiberia hasn’t been too nice to us…seeing the sun, feeling the energy of the city, and RUNNING sure brought a lot of excitement into my soul!!! I love running.  I love Chicago.  I can’t FREAKING wait for this 2014 race season!!!  Bring it on!

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