There is ALWAYS a reason to Smile, find it!

Day 26!

I have missed only 2 days this month which I think is pretty damn good if you ask me! Life isn’t about perfection, it is about making goals (even silly ones like blogging every day) and then carrying through!) BUT realizing life doesn’t always go to plan so when something comes up or distracts you … You just jump back on the goal boat the next day.

Not giving up and staying consistent is the grind. Showing up for yourself. Showing up for your dreams.

I read the most beautiful piece of inspiration before I meditated today and it said roughly:

Don’t be afraid of the hard work required to realize a dream.

Your ego deters you so easily but your spirit never gives up.

You’re not given certain desires to frustrate you. Your yearnings reflect your authentic self.

Your spirit is able to achieve everything you dream of, if only you’re willing to give your all.


I feel ready to take on this new week. A new sunrise a new Monday! I leave for Amsterdam in 16 days so the countdown is on to the marathon and some new adventures! I am going to make this week and next my “peak” weeks and then give myself a week to taper off. Then I will have done all I can do and will go run the streets of Amsterdam and enjoy the windmills and scenery smiling my face off!


Question of the Day

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post.

26. Fill this page with a list of things that make you smile.


  1. These two boys. Everything about them. The highs and the lows. Their stinking little faces just make me smile. Watching them play soccer. Their faces when I first see them after school. Watching them learn something new. I could go on and on and on….but these two are the smiles in my life
  2. When I see my Mom’s name or number pop up on my phone. Because I know she is thinking about me.
  3. Sunrises at my lake.
  4. Sunsets anywhere in the world …
  5. My best friends. Being with them. Seeing their faces. Seeing them smile. Knowing they are happy or doing something fun. Just knowing that my best friends, my inner-most circle (there are only a few) are living a life they are happy and proud about. I love seeing my people succeed.
  6. Traveling and seeing new places. This makes me smile even thinking about!
  7. Flowers. I love love love flowers. Not cliche roses but just flowers. Mostly wildflowers!
  8. My bike! I know its material but it reminds me of one of my passions … riding!
  9. Anything swim, bike, run!
  10. Teaching Yoga or Meditation or Art or Reiki. I love sharing this gift.
  11. Writing makes me smile. Reading makes me smile. Poetry makes me smile.
  12. Him. When I make Him smile. When I make Him laugh. When I make Him happy.
  13. All things food. Food makes me smile because food is so damn delicious!
  14. My weekly meetings with my partner in crime. It is more than “business”, it is my grounding for the week!
  15. When I think of HER. The woman who saw me transform over two years. I think of her often and it makes me smile.
  16. When I see pictures of my Grandparents. I know how loved I am and it makes me smile.
  17. When I see butterflies (especially the yellow ones) or ladybugs.
  18. The sound of the ocean or waves.
  19. When I know I am going to see Bob and he gives me a big hug.
  20. Watching my Dad cook and seeing his face light up when he serves us his creations.
  21. Watching my Mom play with my boys endlessly and hearing them call her Meme.
  22. My chair. My place. Looking out my window at my tree and the blue sky.
  23. When my boys hug and kiss me. When I tickle their backs before bed. When they smile at me … I smile.
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