Product Review: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Headphones

I have STRUGGLED to find headphones that actually stay in place while I run or workout, are comfortable, have a long battery life and now I think a lot about safety while running with headphones in.

Until NOW!

I was connected to Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Headphones months and months ago. I had never seen the open ear design so was excited to give them a try. Now after countless workouts and almost daily use, I can say I swear by these.

Workouts … The open ear design first and foremost is the SAFEST way to enjoy a run with being totally aware of your surroundings. The bone conduction technology lets you play your music but still be able to hear what is going on. I can hear other runners coming up behind me and cars pass by as well. If I run on trails or in the early morning or evening, these are with me 100%. If you listen to music while cycling outside, ABSOLUTELY you need these in your life because you will be able to still hear cars and what is going on environmentally. I haven’t tried them cycling because I tend to not listen to music when cycling but if I were to, these are the ONLY headphones I would use.

Quality … The headphones may look like mini speakers, haha!, I thought so too but I assure you they aren’t. They use bone conduction technology so when you listen or are on the phone, it is all private. If you are in a class or with a coach, you can still hear what is going on and instruction but you can play your own music!  The sound is crystal clear and feedback from people when I am on the phone with them is the best I have heard yet with bluetooth. These have a wireless bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and I can walk away from phone, room to room in my house or across the gym to pick up and drop off weights with no static!

Longevity … I get SO sick of having to always charge my devices and often headphones are the last thing I remember! I have had up to 6 hours of music and phone calls on these without charging which is especially nice since we now live in a bluetooth world and bluetooth headphones are necessary!

Lifestyle … I work a lot from home and drive to and from places most days. On top of that, I am a busy mom taking care of two boys. I have to do conference calls while making sandwiches and driving to clients. I truly will find myself wearing these a big chunk of the day, even grocery shopping I can call my mom and still have two hands to shop and check my lists! Hahaha!  From workouts to phone calls, these keep me hands free, cord free and honestly help me be more efficient. I live in bluetooth headphones and these are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.

Bonus Features

  • IP55 certified to repel sweat, dust and moisture, from workouts to wicked weather
  • EQ presets boost bass
  • Dual noise canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise
  • 2-year warranty
  • 45-day money back guarantee for all orders placed through their website

I have a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram Page, RunTriMom, if you would like to win a pair of AfterShokzTrekz Titanium Headphones!!! One winner will receive a pair of headphones and a pair of sample headphones to gift this holiday season. (Sample headphones are unboxed product that have been tested to meet @AfterShokz’s quality standards). Giveaway ends on December 7th at 12AM CST so hurry over to put your name in!

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One comment

  1. Tony Riordan says:

    Stephanie Rae-
    You are a true inspiration and the BEST MOM ever. Congratulations on your successes!
    I’ve been looking for headphones that will allow me to do just what you say the Aftershokz do and would love to be entered in your drawing, please.
    Thanks for believing in yourself and allowing us to find belief in our own journeys. I truly appreciate your gifts to us, by expressing yourself so eloquently.
    Best you you, and your boys, always.

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