A Tribe of Women can Change the World…

I am not Afraid … I was Born to do THIS.’

Joan of Arc

You guys…I have been enthralled in the past few years with this tribe of women who are bringing in all of us women into ONE tribe. I would say they are shaping me and have shaped me more profoundly than anyone else the past few years BECAUSE they are changing the way I think…the way I view my life and relationships…and most importantly…



These women (and you may recognize them…haha!) are:

Elizabeth Gilbert

Brene Brown

Cheryl Strayed

Glennon Doyle Melton

They are all friends and fierce lady friends if I may add. They call each other sister most all of the time. Each has played a piece through their creations. Books, writings, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Tangent: Social Media. I think it is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t claim to be naive to the “dark side” but I also don’t bother with it. I simply feel make it positive or take a break. I read SO many inspiring stories, poems, athletic posts, motherhood, inspirational qoutes, ect…EVERY single day that yes…I do have an obsession because it makes my life more beautiful! I also get to connect with you and put myself OUT there into the world and not live quiet. Look for the positive and take a step back (I have had to at times!!!  You aren’t alone!) if it begins to affect you.

So anyways…these women and what they have taught me. I am going to try HARD to sum it up into a few thoughts or words for each…

Liz (I like to call her this bc it is my bestie’s name)

-We are going beyond the realms of Eat Pray Love because THAT is another post and basically a bible to me! If you haven’t read…stop everything and go read it.

Most recently however her book Big Magic has taught me to UNLEASH with fury my creativity. And not give a shit what anyone thinks about it because living creatively is more important than living in fear. I have always believed in Magic and still do BUT to think of it from a creative aspect is beautiful. Most of the reason I have started writing more even if I am not “trained” and think it may be sloppy is because Liz told me to! It is not my baby…My real life children are my babies…It is my art. And I chose to share it versus living in fear.

BIG MAGIC eatpraylove


-She revolutionized my thoughts on vulnerability and shame. The antidote to shame is Love. How living a vulnerable life is the most BRAVE life you can live. Sharing and OWNING your story is empowering and not scary. Choosing vulnerability over fear. I share a lot. Raw and Real. And a lot because of her book Daring Greatly. A game changer for me. I chose to DARE GREATLY and live vulnerable and real. Riding the vulnerability hangovers because they are REAL and sometimes I am like why the F did I post that but also knowing my story is my story and I will share it and be real and vulnerable and my relationships with my family and friends and someday my lover and YOU guys will also be based on REAL instead of fluff. Fluff is boring.



-This woman. I first heard about her from her podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert. I will never and I mean never forget when she told the woman who was struggling to finish a book her own story. In her own words she says “I want my kids to see me chase down my dreams like a mother fucker”. It hit me like a TON of bricks and I decided then I would follow that mantra. And I have. She also talks about the time she left her young kids for a few weeks to lock herself in a cabin and finish the masterpiece WILD. Which THANK God she did because the world needed it. I took that to heart and that next day is when I booked my trip to Rome this past New Years. To finish my own book. And I did. And my kids are healthy and thriving and know they are loved to death AND got to spend 10 days with their dad and grandparents being loved to pieces. I’d say everyone wins. Thank you Cheryl for teaching me to embrace my Wild.



-She is a newer woman to enter my life and the reason I am writing this post. I heard this “talk” on her Facebook page yesterday…


GO LISTEN TO IT ALL YOU WOMEN! Men reading this make your wife listen and YOU listen too to see what we women deal with on a daily basis!

She is the author of Carry on Warrior which I am currently reading. And her REAL and authentic talk on being a woman and especially motherhood and family is SO refreshing.

What struck me SO hard last night in her talk was about her own fears of doing this “video”. She said she feels it is “too much”. She would just be putting herself out there “too much” to us and it would be annoying or like “who does she think she is to talk so much and put herself out there on so many outlets”. These thoughts race through my head sometimes as I am just a simple girl behind a computer in a Western Illinois suburb. I am all over social media. And now I think I should write most days on here? Who do I think I am? I assure you I don’t think much except what she said much struck me. Feeling those feelings is a BELONGINGNESS issue. And she said she was DONE feeling like she needed to shrink herself or not speak in fear of it being too much. Because we ALL belong to each other and we NEED each other. She turned 40 and she wasn’t shrinking anymore because she felt SO powerful and comfortable and peace in herself and her NEED to be out there and use her voice.

I started crying because mostly I am a softy…like a big one…but it really touched me. We DO need each other. And I have a decade of my life that I was more quiet. Trust me I lived LOUD still and did amazing things but I was more aware of the sense of who do I think I am and keeping up the “perfect” facade. I feel SO thankful I learned at 33 what she is teaching at 40.


I want to live LOUD too. And speak up. And WRITE…no matter how sloppy or “textbook UNperfect” it is. I have a voice and I want to use it. I want to be vulnerable and love the shit out of everything and everyone in life. I don’t want to chose fear anymore. I have and did for too long and I have learned a lot and am still learning how to choose creativity and LIFE and most importantly LOVE over fear. I want to live WILD and that doesn’t mean I don’t want someone next to me…I very much DO want someone to run WILD with someday…It just isn’t my focus and I believe in the Big Magic bringing it all together.

Being a women in this day and age is powerful. We are heard more than ever. We are seen more than ever. We are learning to RISE together. There is a movement going on. I believe it. I look at some of these 20 year old women and they SEE it too! I look at the 40-60 year old women and they are leading us because they OWN their voice and womanhood.

It is something we are all in together and it truly is time to rise! To USE our voices as loudly and proudly as we want. To spread LOVE and LIGHT to the world. It just is TIME. So rise up and start creating!

Happy Thursday my loves



Do you know these women I mentioned? Have you read their books? How have they changed your mindset?




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  1. Julie says:

    Love this post so much.

    These women have ben influential in my growth as an individual as well (now including Glennon because of your share on that post on FB, thanks!).

    Brene’s work was instrumental to my most transformative writing I did in my Master of Professional Communication program. Her book, The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly were really eye opening for me. I also was introduced to Juila Cameron’s work at this time and it laid a really great foundation for me that Big Magic reminded me of.

    I read Wild last summer after seeing the movie and also found her interview on Liz’s podcast really inspiring. Her Dear Sugar podcast and column hasn’t been the most relatable for me, but some have really stuck out. She’s definitely a very gifted writer.

    As I commented on your FB post, I so relate to that feeling of being “too much” and my inner mean girl script constantly is running in my head asking me, “Who do you think you are? People are going to make fun of you behind your back,” and other nasty things. I am working on silencing that voice and trying to focus on just being in the arena and showing up and putting myself out there and not giving the critic any power. (Thanks for such an awesome quote Theodore Roosevelt, and thanks Brene for introducing it to me!)

  2. Lori says:

    I just ordered Wild to read and can’t wait. I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet! I am familiar with the others and would also add you to the list of women who inspire us to RISE together. Thanks for putting yourself out there and challenging us to do the same. Have a fantastic week!

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