A Big Slice of Humble Pie

I had a bit of a humble moment yesterday. After running the 5k with my boy Monday … I woke up with a LOT of muscle soreness in my legs and shins especially. Nothing stabbing or alarming but I have legit never had pain in my shins ever. It was the length of them and I just kept getting more and more sore through the day. I obviously took a rest day ?

Anyways, my snapchat friends (freaking LOVE you guys) sent me SO many tips, thoughts and ideas. After a deep shin massage last night they feel SO much better this morning. I’m still sore BUT I’m sure it is simply muscle soreness and not shin splints or anything else.

Needless to say I had a bit of an awakening ? I FEEL so good again after being deathly ill for weeks. I think I took for granted my mental state is good and didn’t realize the ACTUAL toll Dengue Fever took on my body. I have been easing VERY slowly back into things. If you have followed me for awhile you know I’m not a person who disregards my health and pains and pushes through for the glory of being a “badass”. I am a LIFER in my sports or running and triathlon and I believe passionately that means taking care of my body NOW in order to be around in 50-60 years and be the oldest woman ever to finish an Ironman ???


Ebbs and Flows of life and our sports. I didn’t hold anything in my body for 2 weeks. My body literally ate away all my muscle. I feel scrawny compared to what I was 5 weeks ago. My muscle mass is very visibly lowered. I feel blessed my body was so strong before I got ill because I know it’s made getting healthy again easier. BUT it’s still hard. And my muscle is gone. It’s fascinating how the body can cope, heal and go up and down so quickly.

I won’t sugar coat. I had a moment yesterday when I finally said … This just fucking sucks … I want to be where I was before. I’ve done an Ironman and one fast mile has me in this much pain??? I felt the emotions. Frustration is a healthy and very real emotion. I embraced it. I said out loud to someone. And then I let it go. I have my work cut out for me. I’ll run again later this week but in the meantime I have some muscle to build up again. Swimming, cycling, weights and especially yoga will help so much as well as slow running building mileage slowly and SMART.

It will be a journey but at this point I don’t I’ve ever wanted that Ironman finish line next year so bad! So my journey starts now for whatever one I choose. Building mileage, endurance and strength.

I don’t know guys. It’s just weird. I can’t dwell…just move forward. Just like all of us in sport and life. Being our own Warrior with an eye keen to forward motion only.

The body is beautiful. My body healed. It is still healing and needs regrowth. This is an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up. Simply, slowly and smartly.

Ebbs and Flows … I’m thankful for a strong body BEFORE I got sick. I wouldn’t change anything about this past 5 weeks. I love having a story to tell. Life is for Living. And I’m ready to come back stronger mentally and physically. One step … One breath … One day … At a time.


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  1. Lori says:

    I understand your frustration! I am still bouncing back from a severe case of mono. As an endurance athlete there is nothing more frustrating than having no endurance! My feet still feel like they are covered in blocks of concrete when I run. Nothing like what you went through I know, but ugh! Thanks for the reminder to listen to my body and to take it slow so I can be around for the long haul. Yoga and meditation are my friends too. One day at a time, right!

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