6 Running “Things” I Can’t Live Without

I did a 10 mile TRAIL RUN yesterday and Chicago was having some pretty spectacular weather! I think my body had already acclimated to the “Fallish” temperatures because I was a sweaty mess! I also am getting over an icky cold/sore throat so I was a snotty mess during the run. Haha! My snapchat family heard it as it was … Us runners and triathletes really are a gross breed of people when you think about it!!! Between the sweat, piss, snot and tears we are kind of a mess of a tribe! BUT in my opinion … We are the most AWESOMEST kind of folk out there … in all our grossness and glory! Ha!

After I put up this post on my Instagram Page, I got asked a few questions about products I use. I realized I get asked the same questions a lot so I decided to compile a list of the 6 things I get asked about most! I can’t live without any of these 6 products! I have been using them all for years. Let me know if you use any of them or try any of them out!

  1. Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta – Women’s Indigo X-Small/Small

I have been using this vest for YEARS now and I love it! It is lightweight and doesn’t bounce around. It has enough pockets for all my shit (aka: phone, go pro, gu, keys, ect) and fits like a glove! I like a vest better than a belt because the distribution of weight just feels better to me. I can NOT do a fuel belt after converting to the vest.


2. Hydrapak 1.5L (50oz) Elite Reservoir

This one was the cheapest one I found that fits the vest above and has been perfect for years now too!


3. Level Terrain FlipBelt Waist Pouch, Hot Pink, Small/26″-29″

I use the vest for training runs and then on RACE day I swear by this flip belt. I use water on the course but this baby securely holds my phone, keys and gels. I bought one of these at the Chicago Marathon in 2013 and still have the same one! Another bonus…This is GREAT for traveling. It can secure your passport and money so you are swinging around a big purse as a tourist. I travel solo a lot and this is always traveling with me.


4. Vtin Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Sweatproof Sports Headphones (Bluetooth 4.1, Secure Ear Hooks Design, Noise Cancelling and 6 Hours Play Time)

THESE! OMG I love these. I have tried the “nice and expensive brands” and wasted so much damn money on headphones that just slip out of my ears or are shit quality! Nothing stayed put through the sweat and especially all the bluetooth ones! These 17$ suckers don’t budge at all! They last all my long runs and then some. I can make phone calls with these as well! Love Love Love these and can’t recommend them enough for ALL runners! And for 17$ it is a STEAL for a quality pair of headphones!

5. GU Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel, Salted Watermelon, 8-Count

This is the only gel I can stand for extended periods of time. I love the “extras’ in it:

  • 20mg Caffeine, 125mg Sodium, 35mg Potassium

I used this on the run at Ironman and will be using it in my marathon coming up! I take them every 4-5 miles religiously with a bunch of water. I’ve never had stomach issues with this!

6. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil – Pulp Fiction Collection

If you want a RED Lip that won’t budge when you run … THIS is what I use!!!!!  This shit is awesome and doesn’t budge even during an Ironman swim!


Soooooo ….. Those are the 6 things this Runner Woman can’t live without! Once again, if you love any of them or try them out, let me know! If you follow my SnapChat (RunTriMom) you know I use these every single run and rave about them on there!

What product can YOU not live without???

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  1. Heidi says:

    Love my flip belt – but totally going to try that vest! Also – thank you, thank you, thank you for the ear bud recommendations!!!

  2. Yolanda Vargas says:

    Hi! I’m new to your blog and OMG I love it! I’m a beginner runner (most I’ve done was a half marathon). But your blog has inspired me to go farther! Quick question, and I apologize if I missed it! But which brand / style running shoe do you recommend? Thank you for inspiring us all!!!

    • Hi and Welcome! I honestly think everyone should go get a proper fit at a running store to ensure they are in a good shoe for their body and foot. I have recently switched to Hokas and I LOVE them! I am in the Cliftons and just ran the marathon in them!

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