30 Days of BLOGGING is Done!

Well 30 days of blogging is done! Crazy that I made it! I don’t know where this month went. What I have learned from this project is the power of consistency and vulnerability. This has been a very growing month for me. I actually look back at everything I have done this month and it is crazy to me! Mostly because it has been jam packed and VERY transitionary. My life looks nothing right now like I thought it would look on September 1st. And I realize just how OK that is.

Top things I loved about September:

  1. Ironman Wisconsin. Cheering for the bestie. The energy. Just everything surrounding it. It was such a great day and weekend. And it inspired me to sign up for next year!!!
  2. My birthday. A few special people made it an extra special day for me.
  3. Apple Picking. One of my all time favorite past times with my kiddos. We do it every year and this year was probably my favorite!
  4. All the YOGA! This month has been booming with Yoga stuff and I have been LOVING it!
  5. Trail Running. I spent a lot of time on my trails this month. It is SO recharging to be in nature. And also, all the beautiful sunrise runs I went on! I love my city.

I am very ready for October and the fun times ahead!

Things I am looking forward to this month:

  1. Amsterdam Marathon and another adventure!
  2. Halloween with the boys! We just ordered costumes last night!
  3. All things surrounding Halloween … Pumpkin Patch, Carving Pumpkins, Making Caramel Apples with my kids, Apple Pies, Corn Mazes, Halloween Parties and just all the craziness that is HALLOWEEN!!!! My boys are still in those “golden years” for this holiday so I will live it up as much as I can!
  4. Chicago Marathon Weekend! I love love love the Chicago Marathon and I have a lot of good friends in town for it and running it! One of my favorite weekends of the year!
  5. Mom is coming into town for 2 weeks! We can’t wait to have her here!

Question of the Day

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post.

30. What do you want? What do you really want, right in this moment, for yourself?

This one I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes … There are a lot of things I would want. But what do I REALLY want … now that one is tougher.

In this moment, I would want to be held. Purely and simply this.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I was held and just felt safe and comfort in being held. I don’t know, if I even know what that feels like anymore. Or what I would do with it, if I were to experience it. It is an odd feeling not remembering or knowing what being in loving arms feels like. Forgetting what loving touch feels like. I wonder if day by day I am slowly becoming numb to the beauty of human contact and affection.

My love language is touch and my life has very little if any affection in it. Yes I get fleeting hugs and I can bribe kisses from my boys and if I am lucky enough they will sit and let me cuddle them for a few minutes. I get to show them affection and don’t get me wrong this fills my heart to the extreme daily. I hug friends and that is beautiful and warming but fleeting too. Being held is different.

But what does that feel like to be on the receiving end of such affection? I don’t know anymore … I guess what I can envision and what it feels like in my head is safe, peace, comfort and love. Maybe if I didn’t know what to do with it initially and tried to pull back too soon, to just be pulled and held tighter? To lay in the arms of Safe. Peace. Home. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be loved like this.

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  1. Meggie Meyer says:

    I have absolutely loved reading your 30 days of blogging and I have read all of them! Hope you continue blogging regularly and thank you for sharing your life with us! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about your Amsterdam Marathon!!

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