Day 1: Running and Kissing

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My month of Blogging starts NOW!



Yesterday I was able to squeeze in a 10 mile run at my favorite Trail Loop. It was a beautiful day and it was the first time I have had the opportunity to run outside in about two weeks. And it felt AMAZING! The sun was shining but I was in the forest so it was mostly shaded. There were birds chirping. I saw SO many different colors of flowers. Butterflies kept appearing around me. It was just one of those runs you never want to end. I felt pretty strong but my legs were sore so I did walk some of the larger hills. I used to run this loop every week in the spring but haven’t had the chance since I got back from Bali and fought off Dengue Fever. I think this loop will make a weekly appearance in my training. I am currently training for the Amsterdam Marathon in October. I am not following a training plan as I have run 4 official Marathons, a treadmill marathon, a 50k and done an Ironman. I get how training is supposed to work and I know where my mileage needs to be. I am not shooting for time and haven’t put on a watch this entire year. I don’t like numbers or tracking. I like picking flowers and feeling the earth below me while I run. That is my personal style and I am getting REALLY excited to explore the windmills and city of Amsterdam by foot for 26.2 miles!


I love to hydrate with my homemade juices after I have a hard run. This one had carrots, cucumber, ginger, celery and a shitton of lime and was freaking delicious!


The Day

After my run I headed out to my weekly business meeting with my partner in crime at Enlighten Yoga, Jess. We did some filming and plotted world domination. Haha! Just kidding but we did plot out some amazing projects and workshops coming SOON! We have big plans and big hearts! Our month of Creative Living starts today and it is going to be really EXCITING to see what curiosities and passions I can uncover! I am excited for our group and our projects! I will announce our next workshop soon!


I got home and walked to pick up my boys from school. It is our neighborhood ritual walking to get our herd of children. I love my neighborhood. Truly I couldn’t imagine ever not living here. I got some food in the boys mouths and sped off to play soccer mama. The little one and I ran to grab a few necessities at the store and hurried back to catch the last hour of practice. I like to practice yoga and take pictures on the field because it is SO gorgeous there in the country at sunset. This particular one reminded me of the grace of the FALL. Sometimes that is where the magic is because without the FALL, you can’t learn to RISE. And being as we are entering “fall season” today … I found this picture extra beautiful.


Question of the Day 

To find the 30 questions I will be answering this month … check back to THIS original blog post. Play along with me!

1. Write a letter to the last person you kissed.

Dear last person I kissed,


Haha! You thought maybe you’d get an inside look into my luuuuuv life??? Nah…I made damn sure I kissed my Ty and then Braden on the lips right before bed last night. So technically Braden is the last person I kissed.


You love to kiss. You have NO shame in kissing your future wifey anywhere or anytime. Men could learn a lot from you. You make her blush because you are so open with your affection. Stay wild my baby. You are my little mini. Wild Child in spirit and fiery as fuck. I love that about you even though it makes me lose my damn mind more than I think I should. Your gifts of sensitivity and giving are precious. Never lose that. When I tickle your back at night, more often than not you flip over and want to tickle my arm instead and your eyes light up when you see me smile and say thank you. I love you little bug. Stay Wild. Stay Free. Stay Authentic. Stay YOU. And damnit … Stay LITTLE!

Love Mama


But speaking of kissing. I think this would be a good time to address kissing in general and give some advice. Because I am old fashioned and (for ME) men will always have to make the first move this is directed toward you.


The first kiss DOES matter to women. No matter what we say, we ALL have a little hopeless romantic inside of us. Some more than others. Some intensely. Some it is just hidden under an independent exterior. So my advice is:

Don’t fuck it up!!!!

This is your shot to WOOOOOO us! Take it!  Most men don’t appreciate the beauty of the first kiss. Like most all. It doesn’t have to be at sunset on the beach with roses in your hand, ect, ect. BUT … There is something about watching for “the moment”. Taking it. Making us feel like we can’t stand without your arms around us. Take our breath away. Make us never want to touch another man’s lips the moment yours touch ours. Never taste anything as sweet as your lingering passion. Connect with our eyes. Touch our hair. Gently brush our cheeks. Cradle our face in your hands. Pull us closer and then pull back and smile with your eyes gazing into ours.

Don’t rush the first kiss. Make us feel as though it is our lips you have craved since the beginning of time and now you found them.

Pressure. Maybe?

But that is why most men can’t get the first kiss right. It could be your last FIRST kiss. It could be OUR last first kiss. We want the romance and story. Give it to us. We will always appreciate it.


I have only ever had ONE of these first kisses in my life. That is how I know they exist. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I was frozen in time. A moment I will never forget. The kind of moment that makes life a little more magical.

So men … this just serves as a reminder. The first kiss IS something special to us. Give us the opportunity to have a moment and story that will forever live in our minds.

Now if your married or in a relationship … Go give your partner THIS kind of kiss to start or end the day and watch their eyes light up.

I think that is all I got for you today!




(Let’s interact guys! I would love to know who actually reads this and have fun getting to know you as we move through this month of blogging!)

  1. Who was YOUR last kiss???
  2. What is your most memorable FIRST KISS story?
  3. Do you wear a watch when you run and track data or do you run by feel???




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  1. Connie says:

    Last kiss: my husband. 🙂
    Most memorable first kiss: oh my, definitely when my (now) husband and I were dating (25 years ago!!!). He waited for several dates to kiss me. The tension was epic. And he definitely made the first kiss all you described above.
    Watch: ummm I don’t run long distances, so nope, no tracking of data. I do, however, wear an Apple Watch when I workout – just to keep a look at calorie burn, heart rate, etc. I hardly ever weigh myself or track anything. I did recently check body fat percentage after having not done so for a long time. Interesting data points, but nothing more.

    • Ahhhhhh that tension!!! THAT is what I am talking about. #Swoon Your husband sounds wonderful! I am a lot like you. I don’t weigh or do numbers. I finally weighed myself when I was losing weight with Dengue Fever and then just recently this last week to make sure I had gained back weight at my doctors checkup!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I’ve had a lot of bad/weird kisses. First kisses with new guys are just not my thing, I guess. But some of my favorites are with my now boyfriend after really long, hard days. After big life events (like the marathon) and when he always helps me through crappy stuff. He is always there. I don’t get how he puts up with me sometimes, but I’m grateful.

    I love this post–your little guys are the cutest!!

  3. Lydia says:

    1. My last kiss was amazing! Good bye kiss to an amazing man who is currently in Afghanistan.

    2. My best first kiss was a guy I had the worst crush for in high school. I had to wait a whole year but it was so worth it.

    3. I train with my 920xt all the time. I love the consistency and watching my improvements over time. But I also love to just run for the sake of running. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Meggie Meyer says:

    I loved this blog post! Thank you for sharing!

    1. My last kiss was to my Husband.
    2. My best first kiss was also to my husband.
    3. I am a number girl at heart.– an accountant so I want to know all of the numbers about everything in life! haha so I ALWAYS run with a watch. Many runs though I don’t look at my watch until I am done so I can run by how I feel and not pressure myself if I am going to slow or slowdown because I am going to fast but rather just to know where I am at when I am done.

    • Haha! See I can relate. I am actually HIGHLY analytical although most wouldn’t know that about me or perceive that. I could see myself becoming obsessive if I went down the numbers game. I do like to know my mileage on long runs but the paths I run, I have done for many years so now I just know the mile markers!

      Love the kissing too! 🙂

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