2018 Begins…

It is time for a mind dump…

I have been up since 5am this morning. First I was chatting with a dear friend about life and sometimes all you need for a little perspective is a quick chat with someone going through some really hard things in order to keep grounded. Second, my oldest came in and cuddled with me as that is our morning routine. He is an early riser like myself. Both my kids love to be cuddled in the AM and I treasure the time we share. I don’t know how long it will last so I want to engrave in my head all the love and holding their tiny bodies next to mine. After getting kids fed, homework done and a movie on … I am finally ready to work. But my mind isn’t in it yet so this is where I end up. Writing.

I just got back from an INSANE trekking adventure in Patagonia. I know I am still trying to process it all and some of the events that happened down in Argentina and Chile. It changed my life and I am giving it the proper space to continue to transform. I plan on writing a lot about the experience from how I planned it, what I packed, products I loved, where I went, who I met, and the more inner workings of my experience through my eyes and heart. I have stories to share and am excited to begin writing them. My body has been a bit wrecked so I am giving it proper time to recover and sleeping in a bit has been a priority instead of waking up really early to begin writing. I am actually hoping that writing this will get the creativity flowing once again and this weekend when I am alone I will find the right place to start the story of trekking through the wild of Patagonia.

Sometimes coming home from something so big is hard. You come back and everything is the same from people to work but there is something deep inside you that has changed and you are to find a balance between who you were, who you are now and the life you truly love. Finding a new place and space to exist can be a process that anyone who has an experience away from home should honor.

2018 has started amazing and I really am finding it hard to believe the month of January is almost half way over. The end of this month in particular will be extra exciting as I have a LOT that is building up. It is funny timing. I have been working on projects for MONTHS and years and a lot is unfolding in the coming weeks. I’ve never felt so focused. I have dabbled in many different areas of work and what should I be focused on in the past 5 years. I finally found my focus for 2018 and am ready to execute fully. I have been working around everything but I can say I want to concentrate on three things now.


Here is a teaser…My first book will be released in a few weeks!!! It is more of a short story. But it is mine and a dream come true. I have a few others I am working on for this year. My focus and goal for this year is to become an established author. Whatever that looks like and feels like I don’t know but I do know I love to write and this will be the year I finally publish and publish a lot. Everything has led me to this moment, this year and I couldn’t be more excited. I have my style of writing and my own voice. It took me a long to realize that my voice matters. EVERY single person’s voice matters and stories should be told. Not everyone will resonate with me or even like my writing or style or whatever. I am at peace that it is my creation. My art. And I am ok with anything that comes. I will continue to write and create until the day I die because it is fulfilling to me and makes my heart happy. The book Big Magic did wonders for unleashing my creativity and giving me the courage to put forth my “creations” into the world. So here we go. I will be sharing a lot more about my life and travels and breakups and dating and life as a single mom and God and everything in-between this year.


I am hyper focused on yoga/meditation this year. I am teaching in an inner city school of Chicago now which makes my heart happy. I have a few workshops I teach that I have mastered and feel confident are of value. I have two big curriculums I am putting together and will start teaching by summer. I will get some focus groups and test them out soon. I am excited to share the more intimate and healing side of yoga soon. I am tapping into a more sensual/tantric side of yoga as well. I would love to see where I could take the empowerment of women and movement. Embracing their sensuality and bodies. Yoga will be a huge theme for the year but in a more non-traditional way than I have taught before.

WILD Triathlon

I am really excited about the growth of this business I created! And it isn’t even Triathlon season yet! I have new designs and ideas that are rolling out this year. Triathlon is something I am extremely passionate about and I want to share that love and the FUN side of it with other women. I want newbies and casual athletes and even pros to embrace their fun and wild side while competing. Fun and reasonably priced gear helps with it!!! WILD encompasses a movement to live life to your most authentic self. To march to the beat of your own drum. To train wild and race wild. Just ENJOY our bodies for what they can do for us as we enjoy this hobby of ours!

That is my focus of 2018.

I always choose a word and have done this since before it was the trendy thing to do.

My words this year are




This is the year I make myself more vulnerable. In life. In career. With family and friends. I consider myself a pretty vulnerable person but this year I want to get to the point where it is almost uncomfortable. Push myself further to live a more wholehearted life and existence.

FYH is Follow Your Heart.

I don’t make “plans” and goals and 5 year where do I want to be. I want to live each day in the moment and thankful. Following my heart and intuition. So far it hasn’t led me astray. I came up with this one on a trek in Patagonia and it just fit. I do this anyways but I want to keep a more focused point on the daily.

This is going to be a big year. A roller coaster if you will. I have a lot coming up and I have NO idea what is in store. That is is the beauty of life. It surprises you. If I look back one year ago I never would have thought 2017 would have turned out the way it did. I am open to everything that comes. I was given some pretty distinct messages and signs in the mountains recently and I am excited to manifest them and see what kind of love and light is led into my life. My circle is tight of the ones I loves and I am ready to see the highs and lows of the year. I turn 36 this year. All I can say is I wonder what and who will enter my life is 2018….

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  1. Donna Weiser says:

    Stephanie, you are a beautiful person and it was wonderful to meet you on our Patagonia trek—so glad you were eavesdropping on our group at the Italian camp! Wish we could have talked more! Good luck with everything!
    Donna Weiser (group with Carolyn/John and Sharon/Rick)

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