20 mile RUN to end Marathon Training and catching up


What a weekend you guys! I think I needed a few days off to decompress and then when I wanted to write I had a little debacle with my phone! Since most of you probably follow me on other social media channels I will direct you there to see the full story ….


But the moral of the story is … The good old put your phone in rice after it has been dropped in water paid off for me!


I got in a 20 mile run this weekend. 17 miles bright and early before the sun came up at the lake and then a local 5k with my boys. I felt SO good on the 17 miler so I am REALLY getting excited to run Amsterdam!

img_8700 img_8698

The 5k was a complete blast! I ran with my big guy and their dad ran with the little one.

I was hauling ass to keep up. He kept looking behind at me and wanted me close but wanted to stay about 5 steps ahead of me the whole time. We stopped for water breaks and then got running again! My legs were on FIRE! I do not run FAST … I run for a loooooong time but not fast! So when we finished in 26:23 it was my second fastest 5k ever and my little guy was my pacer! He has so much natural talent with running, I can’t wait to see where it takes him. I am so proud of both of these boys!!!!

4 – 5k’s for the big guy

2 – 5k’s for the little guy

Up next will be a Turkey Trot 5k!

img_8748 img_8721

I leave for Amsterdam in 8 days!!!! I am getting really excited to run another marathon and explore a new place. It feels like it snuck up on me but I feel as “trained” as I can be. Getting Dengue Fever back in May from my adventure in Bali really set me back this year. After recovery I was very weak and had to rebuild everything. I have only been running since about early July so 3 months. And I could barely get in a couple miles. So I am proud of the training I have done, the muscle I have put back on and where I am. I feel stronger than before. It is amazing what the human body is capable of going through and how it is able to bounce back so strong!

I got downtown to film and for a yoga shoot with my girls this weekend as well! I will have some really amazing shots to share soon! While we were down there, a massive rainbow filled the sky over the lake. After living in Chicago for 13 years, it was the FIRST time I had ever seen anything like that. It was majestic and sign of good things coming.


I taught Kid’s Yoga a bulk of the day yesterday. It is such a massive passion of mine. I love teaching. I love teaching kids especially. I have a few new ventures I am looking into to help build this curiosity and passion of mine.

We started a new month over at our Enlighten Yoga Meditation Group. Releasing Anger. And I am telling you, it is some good shit! The meditation is powerful and it is going to be such a month of growing for our group.

I think that is my update for now! I won’t be blogging daily but I will still be over here as much as I can. I love this tiny space of the cyber world that I have and being able to share openly. And mostly just write … my creative outlet.

Have a good day my loves!


PS…I REALLY enjoyed that writing challenge so I am looking for a new one. If you have any ideas let me know!


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