I love my sport and sometimes in life it feels as though it is the only constant. When life is spiraling out of control, uncertainty runs deep and people come and go … My training has remained true and steady. Sure it ebbs and flows and I have strong days and relaxed days.

Sometimes I’m training for a race and sometimes I’m just living this fit lifestyle I have created. Sometimes I don’t necessarily want to do intervals that make me want to puke but sometimes I do. No matter the mood or day, training is constant. It is always there for me so I show up. Day after day. I post about many of my workouts but many are done in the dark (literally at 4/5am) and those are the ones that are my own. Every day my training is there and what I put in I get out. No matter the output I SHOW UP. Day after day. It isn’t necessarily about a race for me as much as a lifestyle. So that when my friends say, “Let’s go climb a mountain” without a doubt am fit enough to climb the damn mountain. It is about creating the best version of me. Being STRONG. Aesthetics are a perk for me and it’s fun to see booty growth and abs pop BUT it’s truly just a bonus. My life has been a constant changing carousal since November 2012. I honestly never know what to expect when I wake up because the craziest moments are SO unexpected for me. There is never a dull day or moment and it takes incredible mental control to keep peace and structure within my soul and my little house with two wild boys. My training is my constant companion. I know it’s there for me each day that I’m there for it. And THAT is what I will take with me until I’m 103 and still doing handstands and crossing finish lines.

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