10 Thoughts For a Friday Morning

I really needed to mind dump some thoughts I have been having lately. Maybe I will expand on some later but I have seen some themes recently and just needed a place to WRITE!

  1. Breakdowns are USUALLY required for BreakTHROUGHS. See how I said REQUIRED. Usually you don’t see the light until you have seen the dark. And that is a Universal truth.So breakdown. Cry. Kick. Scream. And know the breakthrough is on it’s way.
  2. Not everyone is forever. People can promise the sun and moon. Some people serve a time and season in your life. And that is all they are meant for. So take the happy memories and move on.
  3. There will be just a FEW that are forever. If you are lucky to have a few, you have the world in your palms. CHERISH those relationships. Spend your energy on THOSE relationships.
  4. If you have something hard going on in your life, it is easy to say … Well “they” have it worse so I need to more thankful. While the cliche thing to say is that is the truth … DO NOT diminish your own trials for what other’s appear to be. Have you ever heard the theory that if we threw all our problems into a pile you would quickly grab back your own? The man over there may have no feet but the fact that you have no shoes, still sucks!
  5. When you feel like you have NO control over your life … Remember the one thing that you DO have control over. Your breath. Meditate. Breath. Find Peace.
  6. Talking with your mom for 90 minutes is worth a year of therapy in an office.
  7. You NEVER know what will happen in the next moment. Everything in your life could change in an instant. One person could walk in and change your life today. One conversation. One social media post. One interaction. One wrong turn. One moment. That is the beauty of life and also life’s biggest mystery. The knowledge that it can be pretty magical and your whole world could be flipped in just one second. One hello. One smile.
  8. On your own map of life, God has handpicked your certain location and circled it. You REALLY are exactly where you are supposed be. Whether you feel that way or not. You are RIGHT on the dot and timeline of the Universe, God, the Divine, whatever you like to call it…plan for your life. TRUST it. Even if you waver, place your hand on your heart, breath and come back to the spirit within that KNOWS this truth.
  9. Not a lot really matters in life. Things don’t matter. Most interactions don’t really matter. Write down what matters to you and focus all your time and energy on THAT and that alone. Write down the people that matter most and spend your energy there. Write down the dreams that matter most and work daily on those. Write down what matters and don’t spend a drop of your precious time and precious energy on anything else. Life is WAY to short. Spend it with the ones who REALLY matter doing what REALLY matters.
  10. Loyalty is hard to come by. TRUE blue loyalty. Especially as a woman. Jealously. Bitterness. Catty. Gossip. It unfortunately happens. There will be some that claim to be loyal but in a moments notice will stab you in the back or try to sabotage what you hold dear. Not too many people will truly “Root for your Rise” and be GENUINELY happy for your life and successes. Find the ones that ARE loyal to the bone to YOU and don’t let them get away. Give your own loyalty to the ones who give it back to you. If it matters to your person, it should matter to you. In the end, if you can find just a few people that you know HAVE YOUR BACK through and through, you have more than many.

That is all I got for you today. I’m off for the weekend now! I will do a post next week on my adventures!


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  1. Devin Chaloner says:

    7 and 8 are my favorite. It is what I try to remember every day. I trust it, but am not just gonna sit back and wait. I am going back to school this summer and up at 430 to work out. Gonna go after it till that spot on my calendar reaches me 🙂

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